Kumari Govender is the creative force behind StyleSociety®, a South African fashion and lifestyle brand.

Kumari Govender | Press and Media Highlights

Kumari Govender has been widely interviewed in the Media for her distinctive wardrobe statements, coveted for her canny ability to predict market trends and respected for the ease with which she can create brand interest through her thoughtfully vetted recommendations.

Uniquely positioned with over twenty years of experience behind her, Kumari has built up a sterling reputation for her StyleSociety brand through her flawlessly executed pop-up boutiques and style events across Cape Town.

Kumari Govender | Press & Media Highlights

Kumari Govender BizBuzz Magazine

Kumari Govender | BizBuzz Magazine Cover – October 2018

Kumari Govender graced the cover of the October issue of BizBuzz Magazine sharing her fashion entrepreneurial journey among many other successful South African female entrepreneurs. More on Kumari’s journey here

“My authenticity has been fundamental to my entrepreneurial success. It is challenging to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Branding is a powerful currency, especially now as we’ve moved into a digital era, so building brand equity is crucial.” – Kumari Govender

Premier Magazine January 2020 Kumari Govender

Premier Magazine – January 2020

Kumari Govender founded, hauteedit.com to serve design aficionados and style cognoscenti seeking distinctive one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces. Every product is screened and hand-selected by our sharp-eyed Style Curator, making sure it meets her high style standards.

If you’re on the lookout for elegant travel souvenirs, lovingly handcrafted forever gifts and stand-out artisanal pieces that carry a story and soul – visit hauteedit.com Each piece is meant to be delicately held and treasured. All products are securely packaged in exquisite gift boxes to ensure safe transit to your loved ones. View the featured issue here

Your Family Magazine | Mindfulness Journey

Your Family Magazine – April 2019

Your Family magazine featured Kumari Govender’s mindfulness journey in the latest April issue. More on Kumari’s mindfulness journey here

Mindfulness has given me peace of mind knowing that some things are beyond my control, so there’s no point in ruminating on the past or being preoccupied over “what could happen”- Kumari Govender

Top Tailoring | South African Fashion Designers

The Sunday Times Newspaper – April 2019

The spotlight on South African Fashion Designers in this Top Tailoring piece for April 2019, issue of The Sunday Times. More on Top Tailoring here

I have loads of admiration for South African Fashion Designers who are encouraging the shift towards ‘slow fashion’ and those who evangelise ethical fashion. I get a heightened sense of pride when I see local designers celebrating their roots with their heritage redefined as a valuable cultural currency.”- Kumari Govender

Val de Vie's Grapevine Magazine - Kumari Govender
Val de Vie's Grapevine Magazine - Haute Edit

Grapevine Magazine – December 2018

Kumari Govender’s style concierge offerings and Haute Edit unique collection of artisan treasures featured in the December issue of Val de Vie’s Grapevine Magazine. Have a look at the magazine feature here

Val de Vie's Grapevine Magazine

Written by Kumari Govender for Bizcommunity.com

Bizcommunity.com – January 2019, Kumari Govender shares her Top 6 fashion and décor trends for 2019 here

Written by Kumari Govender for Bloss Magazine

Bloss Magazine – December 2018, Kumari Govender shares 3 Fun Fashion Trends for 2019 – ” What Will Walk off Runways and Waltz into our Closets” here: https://www.bloss.co.za/3-fun-fashion-trends-for-2019

Written by Kumari Govender for All4Women.co.za

All4Women.co.za – October 2018, Kumari Govender shares insider style secrets in her Office Party Style Guide on all4women.co.za The Key is merely finding the right balance between being both professional and stylish. More style tips here

All4Women.co.za – January 2017, Kumari Govender, fashion director at StyleSociety and founder of Haute Edit, a luxury online homeware, fashion and gift shop, has shared her top five tips for reinventing your home this summer here

TV Media: Style Soirée & Trunk Show

MELA Sabc 3 – December 2017, Haute Edit Style Soirée & Trunk Show featured on Mela – South Africa’s Indian Lifestyle Magazine Show for those who boast an insatiable appetite for life. Watch here

Kumari Govender Grapevine Magazine 2017

Grapevine Magazine – September 2017

Kumari Govender featured in Val de Vie’s Grapevine Magazine as Val de Vie’s quintessential fashionista – Doing Business in the Winelands.

More on Haute Edit, The Style Concierge and Kumari’s entrepreneurial journey in the Cape Winelands here

Essentials Magazine Kumari Govender

Essentials Magazine – August 2017

Find out all about Kumari Govender’s fashion obsession, secret indulgences, love for art, history and architecture in the August issue of Essentials Magazine.

More on Kumari Govender’s All About Me magazine interview here

Take risks and be unique because the universe cannot resist courage and authenticity.

Glamour Magazine Today I'm Wearing

Glamour Magazine – 2017

Glamour Magazine featured Kumari Govender as their Style Diarist and got an exclusive peek into her wardrobe over ten days.

“Her bold silhouettes, use of colour and striking accessories are going to give you major #WardrobeGoals!” Glamour Magazine

Online Media: Interviews & Q&A’s with Kumari Govender

44Elements – 2016, 4Elements spent 5 Minutes with Kumari Govender getting to know her better.

Perkolate Magazine – 2016, Perkolate Magazine talks to Kumari Govender in the December issue.

LAILA + GRACE – 2016, LAILA + GRACE Up-Close Interview with Kumari Govender.

Neill Anthony, Private Chef captured by De Leça Media

TV Media: Neill Anthony Private Chef

Neill Anthony – Private Chef {Episode 12} – 2016, Kumari invites Neill into her beautiful home in the Paarl Winelands where they talk about her career, the passion that drives her and her love for food. Behind the Scene images here

Khuluma Magazine July 2016

Khuluma Magazine – July 2016

Khuluma Magazine featured Kumari Govender’s favourite Winter picks in their Fashion Pages for the July 2016 issue.

“Statement furs in summery hues, shin-grazing coats thrown over the shoulder, or minimalist belted coats with sharp tailoring takes you from chilly to toasty. That chill is only going to get sharper, and style mavens may as well start pondering the contents of their closets to create ensembles that stand out.” – Kumari Govender

Kumari Govender Your Family Magazine August 2015 - Fashion Career

Your Family Magazine – July 2015

Your Family Magazine featured Kumari Govender (+ her adorable pugs) and other three women who left their nine-to-fives to pursue their dreams and be their own boss – and, they’re thriving. More on Kumari Govender’s entrepreneurial journey as an early pioneer of Pop-Up Boutiques in South Africa here

Grazia Fashion Jury - Kumari Govender

Grazia Magazine – June 2015

Grazia Magazine invited Kumari Govender to join their Fashion Jury, talking Victoria, Olivia, Poppy, Kim & Dakota.

Winter Rule #1: Thou shall not forget about style. Who broke the rule and who didn’t? Find out here


TV Media: Style Society Pop-Up Boutique 2014

MELA Sabc 2 – South Africa’s Indian Lifestyle Magazine Show featured Kumari Govender and her popular Pop-Up Boutiques that have been making waves in the Cape Town Fashion scene since 2010.

StyleSociety announces Fashion For Literacy

Fashion For Literacy – July 2014, The Fashion For Literacy initiative is the brainchild of StyleSociety Fashion Director, Kumari Govender. Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s 67 minutes, this simple, generous act of giving away 67 pairs of school shoes evolved into the idea of enticing shopping mavens – to shop with a heart. More on the Fashion For Literacy campaign here


Foschini Fashion Design Awards 2014

Foschini Fashion Design Awards – May 2014, Kumari Govender was honoured to have been invited to join the judging panel along with South Africa’s esteemed fashion industry experts for the Foschini Fashion Design Awards for 2013/2014

StyleSociety High Top Sneaker

Design Collaboration – StyleSociety Ltd Sneaker

Design Collaboration: AliveShoes – July 2013, Introducing a limited edition, a unisex, sporty high top sneaker designed by Kumari Govender; perfectly handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality genuine leather. Created for style mavens and fashion-forward trendsetters.

Woman & Home South Africa | June 2013.

Woman & Home Magazine – June 2013

Woman and Home Magazine featured Kumari Govender’s entrepreneurial success with Pop-Up Boutiques. ‘How we’ve turned Pop-Ups into a success.’ Three women tell Tshego Letshiwit how they started unique Pop-Up Ventures and made a success of them.

You Magazine August 2012 - Greys The Way

YOU Magazine – August 2012

YOU Magazine’s Fashion Director, Chu Suwannapha takes one grey T-shirt and asks five popular fashion bloggers how they would wear it. 

Kumari Govender here featured with Karisa from MyLoveAffairWithCapeTown, Leigh from LipglossIsMyLife, Carlinn from SuperficialGirls and Clouds from AndLollipops.

Beeld Entertainment - Kumari Govender

BEELD Newspaper – January 2011

Beeld, Keep your elbows off the table! Etiquette remains a constant, playing an essential yet evolving role in our rapidly changing world. Etiquette expert, Kumari Govender offers some insight into the art of dining in the corporate world.

StyleSociety Pop up Boutique

StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique – TV Coverage

TV Coverage – 2010 to 2014: Cape Town TV Show EKSE Channel 263 covered StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique and Kumari Govender’s Fashion For Literacy campaign on 29 November 2014 at the CTICC.

StyleSociety Pop up Boutique

StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique – Fashion Media Coverage

Fashion Media Coverage – 2010 to 2014: Online media coverage and interviews for StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique. Featured in Glamour Magazine, Elle South Africa, Cape ArgusiFashion.co.za among others.

StyleSociety Pop up Boutique

StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique – Blogger Coverage

Fashion Media Coverage – 2010 to 2014: Since 2010, StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique has been widely attended by South African fashion bloggers including Fashion Breed, SA Fashion Girl, Luxo and FashionJazz among others.

StyleSociety Pop up Boutique

StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique – Print Media Coverage

Print Coverage – 2010 to 2014, StyleSociety Pop-Up Boutique magazine coverage.

You Makeovers Issue One

YOU Magazine Makeovers Issue – October 2010

YOU Makeovers is a comprehensive fashion guide, packed with loads of expert styling tips and tricks that help readers transform their look with ease. Image Stylist, Kumari Govender was invited to style one of the readers for the launch issue of the magazine.

Kumari and her team worked their magic, giving Karen a complete makeover for You Makeovers Issue One.

Written By Kumari Govender For Women24.com

Women24.com – August 2010, Make your feet the focus with these delicate ruffles which create a feminine, romantic look. Colourful heels are a massive trend with fashion-forward brides. Image Stylist, Kumari Govender talks Hottest Bridal Shoe Trends on Women24.com here

Women24.com – July 2010, For the romantic bride who loves flowers, lace, and delicate fabrics. Image Stylist, Kumari Govender talks Hottest Bridal Hair Accessories on Women24.com here

Women24.com – June 2010, If you’re planning a spring/summer wedding this year, it’s the perfect time to visit some of the hottest bridal trends for 2010. Image Stylist, Kumari Govender talks Hottest Bridal Trends on Women24.com here

Get it Magazine. Get Stylish. Image Stylist Kumari Govender.

Get It Magazine – May 2010

Are you feeling – just a little – as though you could do with a mini makeover? Perhaps you’d just like a suggestion about what in your closet still works for you and what doesn’t. Tyger Valley Mom and daughter, Luana and Alicia van den Brink recently spend a morning with High Street Image Stylist, Kumari Govender.  A mini-makeover from head to toe saw the two ladies – who both admitted they usually are quite shy – feel younger, trendier and more attractive and more confident following Kumari’s styling suggestions.

Real Simple Magazine - May 2009

Etiquette expert, Kumari Govender, offers tactical tips and talking points to help you survive awkward situations.

Real Simple Magazine – May 2009

“Small Talk”: You’re on the plane with your book and iPod at the ready, but alas, sitting next to you is Chatty Cathy, dying to strike up a conversation. ‘ Here’s my advice on how to handle the situation when if it arises…

Try saying: “I’ve been looking forward to this flight all week, it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading,” ‘ recommends etiquette expert Kumari Govender, who suggests you make a polite greeting and then try offering her a magazine to keep her busy.

If you feel like talking, wait to start the conversation until an hour or less before landing. That way, the conversation can’t go on too long, and you’re still courteous and interested.

Real Simple Magazine - April 2009

Real Simple Magazine – April 2009

Etiquette expert, Kumari Govender, offers tactical tips and talking points to help you survive awkward elevator rides, unwelcome romantic advances and other sticky social situations.

AWKWARD. The term is usually associated with your teenage years and its attendant growth spurts and shyness. But growing up doesn’t mean growing out of awkwardness. More on Kumari’s expert etiquette advice here

Kumari Luxury Boutique

Luxury Boutique Archives

Epitomising all that is Lavish and Luxe, KLB is the latest addition to Cape Town’s Fashion vibe. Showcasing the best South African Fashion Designers, the boutique offers an openness of extravagance if you are looking for something UNIQUE. View KLB Archives here