Beeld – Keep your elbows off the table!

Etiquette remains a constant, playing an important yet evolving role in our rapidly changing world.

Today our most unforgettable moments from first dates and birthdays to interviews and business meetings are shared over a meal. Surprisingly, only a few people can confidently manage these social situations with ease.

Etiquette expert, Kumari Govender offers some insight into the art of dining in the corporate world.

Beeld Entertainment - Kumari Govender



Haal jou elmboë van die tafel af!    [Keep you elbows off the table!]

General Tips
“Keep your elbows off the table,” says Govender.
“Steer clear of messy foods and don’t ask for a doggy bag.”
“Don’t offer to pay. This is not expected of an interviewee.”

Algemene wenke
“Hou jou elmboë van die tafel af,” sê Govender.
“Bly liefs weg van morsige geregte en moenie ’n braksakkie vra nie.”
“Gaste moet nooit aanbied om die rekening te betaal nie.”

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