Real Simple – Life Saving Grace

Etiquette expert, Kumari Govender, offers tactical tips and talking points that can help you survive awkward elevator rides, unwelcome romantic advances and other sticky social situations.

AWKWARD. The term is usually associated with your teenage years and its attendant growth spurts and shyness. But growing up doesn’t mean growing out of awkwardness. In adulthood, disconcerting situations take new forms – forgetting a work associate’s name, or parties where you have no-one to talk to but the bartender. Happily, these uncomfortable moments are a lot easier to cope with than that set of braces was.

Navigating them with aplomb takes little more than good manners, a few foolproof conversational gambits and a sense of humour. Here, advice from etiquette experts on how to slip past the social land mines that life scatters in your path

Real Simple Magazine - April 2009


APRIL 2009.

Life Saving Grace


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