Grazia Magazine – The Fashion Jury

Grazia Magazine invited Kumari Govender to join their Fashion Jury, talking Victoria, Olivia, Poppy, Kim & Dakota.

Winter Rule #1 : Thou shall not forget about style. Who broke the rule and who didn’t?

See Kumari’s [unedited] critique below. .

Grazia Fashion Jury - 24 June 2015

Victoria Beckham (left) : 
Androgyny with femininity in a way only Posh can pull off. The structured leather clutch and pointy stilettos spell class! The trench and crew neck jumper scream ‘luxe’. Haute Stepper!

Olivia Palemro (right) :
Channeling the best of the swinging 70s with clashing colors and risk layers! This ‘City’ girl knows how to go cheeky and pulls it off with unfaltering flair! Kudos!

Grazia Fashion Jury - 24 June 2015

Poppy Delevingne (left) :
This look sure don’t ‘pop’!! Retro shades are the saving grace but that rather mangy fur overshadows her tall frame and kills any semblance of chic. Next please!

Kim Kardashian (can’t spot the Kardashian? keep up!) :
The Kardashian curve ball strikes again. Olive green body hugging maxi – check! Iconic suede Hermes – check! A butt-load of sass – check! The oversized utility jacket makes it purrrfect!

Dakota Johnson (right) :
Fifty Shades of ‘unflattering’. This military style runway look may be in the season’s hottest shade but the Marabou Gilet does nothing for her form. Christian says ‘6 lashes’!

 Grazia Magazine


JUNE 2015.

The Fashion Jury

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