Eco Diva Review | Anti-aging Face Cream

I have fallen in love with this Anti-aging Face Cream. And, I am excited to share my Eco Diva Review with you.

Obsession Alert: I will shamelessly wax eloquent about its lovely texture. Including the fact that it is vegan and its honest skin rejuvenating and restorative properties.

Do you like crème brulee?
I mean do you feel like you have reached pampering heaven when you are handed a white ceramic bowl and a tiny golden spoon to break that caramelised surface and dig into the deliciousness within? If this is evoking some serious yearning for dessert, then you are going to go crazy over Eco Diva’s Crème Brulee Anti-aging Face Cream.

As an online fashion and beauty glossy, product review requests flow in thick and fast at StyleSociety. We are familiar with “This item will be shortly delivered to your office” emails. Trust me, when the surprises are products that you are expected to try – on your skin – the messages don’t always leave you thrilled and excited unless it is from a trusted beauty brand off course.

I am meticulous about what I use and endorse. And I am also not all about the prospect of free stuff. The bulk of our beauty reviews on StyleSociety are based on personal purchases. And so, as I sat down with my checklist and put this product sample to the test – it was an obsession at first touch.

Why I Fell in Love
Let’s start with the packaging. It’s easy on the eye and unpretentious. It doesn’t say, “Stay away. I am dang expensive.” This is branding that puts you at ease and draws you in to use the product – generously.

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Eco Diva Review | Crème Brulee Anti-aging Face Cream

Eco Diva Review | Anti-Aging Face Cream

The first whiff of the Crème Brulee anti-ageing face cream had me salivating. Who cares about the effectiveness of the stuff when it smells so sinfully decadent right? But Eco Diva doesn’t disappoint. Upon application, you notice an instant improvement in the plumpness and elasticity of your skin. If you have been experiencing stretchiness, flakiness or the first signs of dehydration, this baby will bring the glow back to your face in a gentle and natural way.

Eco Diva’s Crème Brulee Anti-aging Face Cream

The range is paraben, sulphate, toxins and petrochemical free. It is 100% vegan and relies on a balanced blend of Vitamin A and Vitamin E for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties. It is created to encourage bonding with our cells and acceptance by our body.

A product that can smooth away the wrinkles, draw that special someone closer with its insanely addictive fragrance and even does the environment a good turn. And yes, Eco Diva is cruelty-free.

I followed the suggested regime of using the cream with my regular anti-ageing serum, and I am happy with the results. If you like to avoid oily products, you might want to warm a small amount between your fingertips and apply over the neck and decollate. A tiny bit goes a long way, but I have to admit to slathering it on some nights when I need that extra glow. Until something else as delish catches my eye – I will stay crushing on the Crème Brulee by Eco Diva.

There are 12 retail products in total to take care of all your needs. You can find them at Bring them home. Put your feet up and luxuriate in its tender care. Trust me… this range is different.

Eco Diva Crème Brulee Anti-aging Face Cream
Retail Price – R350.00

Product Image Courtesy of Ecodiva.

image credit: © Subbotina Anna | Shutterstock Standard License 29 September 2018 by Kumari Govender

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