Ageing Gracefully with Elizabeth Arden

Ageing Gracefully with Elizabeth Arden

A casual swipe across my Facebook feed presented me with a title I could not resist clicking. The somewhat offending article read “Men Become Distinguished with Age. Women Just Get Older”. Yellow journalism you would think…

But it appears that a lot of credible research has gone into evaluating how collagen and lipid levels degrade over time in the human dermis. And unfortunately, women have the stiffer end of the deal. We tend to lose the elasticity and the natural luminescence faster than our male counterparts.

What’s more, Aussie scientists claim that ladies down under who are exposed to clearer skies and thus more UV rays tend to age 20 times faster than the women up north. This rationale, unfortunately, applies to South African damsels as well. The writing on the wall is big and bold. We need to step up our skincare regime.

Ageing Gracefully with Elizabeth Arden

And thankfully the purveyor of modern aesthetic miracles, Elizabeth Arden‘s updated offering can help. It has re-released a couple of top of the line products that fight most of the signs of ageing and create a protective barrier to seal in the moisture of the skin – without pushing you to invest in a whole horde of lotions and potions.

As the years’ tick by not only do we start producing lower levels of collagen, we also put the brakes on the production of ceramides. Collagen is responsible for the strength of the skin tissues and the resulting elasticity. But the downhill spiral begins with a debilitating loss of moisture, which happens to be the domain of ceramides.

Ageing Gracefully with Elizabeth Arden’s Youth Restoring Serum

The Advanced Ceramide Capsules contains lipid complexes that maintain the preventive moisture barrier of the dermis effectively fighting off the heat and pollution of a busy day. The ingredients list also includes Sea Fennel Extract and Phytosphingosine to immediately and visibly re-texturise your skin for that elusive glow of youth. A blend of precious botanicals and Tsubaki oil supplement collagen levels, smoothening fine lines and wrinkles.

The test results are impressive with 89% of women showing improvement in the skin’s texture and a whopping 100% of women enjoying increased luminosity and radiance.

This ultra-convenient product has become my holy grail. It is fashioned to fit into a lady’s already cluttered purse, and it lives up to its name with a tingling freshness that lasts for the better part of the day.

The actual spray is light, and the beads do not sit conspicuously on your face and neck. The Eight Hour Mist is quite versatile allowing me to use it before my power naps, after make-up touch-ups or even as an instant pick me up in the mornings.

Eight Hour® Miracle Hydrating Mist

Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Noni and Pomegranate fruit extract along with Coffee Seed and Apple leaf drive a unique three-pronged action that invigorates, protects (because of the rich anti-oxidant effect) and soothes the skin.

Both additions to the Arden line are a must have for women on the go. Light, easily absorbed yet intensely hydrating they prove to be superbly effective. After all the EA brand legacy is the best guarantee backing any purchase. Isn’t it?

Beauty Tip
Throw your empty Advanced Ceramics Capsules into your bath for the ultimate pamper session and an intensely nourishing soak.
Keep your Eight Hour® Miracle Hydrating Mist spray in your handbag for an on-the-go refresher throughout the day.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum
Retail Price – R825.00 for 60 capsules

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Miracle Hydrating Mist
Retail Price – R360.00 for 100ml

Disclaimer: Products featured were supplied for review.

To your youthful glow!

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