Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules

Escentric 02 By Escentric Molecules left me mesmerised with its ability to work with my chemical signature and create a perfume that’s completely me.

Its predecessor – the fresh, floral olfactory triumph Molecule 01, left me mesmerised with its ability to work with my unique chemical signature and create a perfume that’s completely me. And I had a ton of expectations from Escentric Molecules Escentric 02. I am happy to say that this  Geza Schoen offering has trumped anything and everything I had in mind. And apparently, I am not the only one; most self-proclaimed fragrance connoisseurs concur.

Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 Shower Gel
Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 Shower Gel

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The Luxe Flacon:

Exploring new fragrances is a luxurious experience I cherish. I handle the flacon with pleasant anticipation. I take in a whiff of the scent to heighten my delight, and only then do I enjoy the first spritz to pass judgment on the richness or subtlety of the notes. But with the Escentric 02, the packaging commanded my attention. The panoply of colours is beautiful. The yellow and the red come together in perfect harmony to re-create the splendour of a maritime sunset. The flacon is graceful and sturdy. This beauty will not slip and bite the dust. The muted etching of 020 looks sophisticated. Escentric has gone with a simple presentation because the fragrance inside is nuanced enough to make up for the starkness.

Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules
Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules

The Breakdown of the Fragrance: ESCENTRIC 02 BY ESCENTRIC MOLECULES

Escentric 02 builds its scent structure on the foundation of the slightly metallic and edgy Ambroxan. At a concentration of 13.5%, the makers have gone all out to enhance the ‘stay’ factor of the fragrance. On some users, Escentric 02 has survived 48 hours and four showers. Personally, it lingers for days…

Isn’t that on every Style Maven’s wish list? The dry down is just as impactful as the original spray, and this refined scent strengthens as it is exposed to heat. The Ambergris derivative core is layered with just a hint of green jasmine bud, gin and tonic and Australian Almdudler. Even though the main accords are amber and musk, Escentric 02 has enough refinement and mystery to appeal to the most discerning fragrance critic.

Escentric Molecules

I have used it in tandem with the body wash and, given enough time, will rave about the duo till I stumble on any other Escentric fragrance that could steal my attention. But that might be a long wait. Escentric 02 shatters the myth that the structure of a crowded note is the only way to excite. It has a mineral smoothness and a soft tang that transports you to pristine, sun-kissed beaches without the chemical baggage after-trail. A big thumbs up!

Escentric Molecules Escentric 02
Fragrance Retail Price – $140.00 for 100ml
Shower Gel Retail Price – $45.00 for 200ml 

I am super excited to deliver the best news! Escentric Molecules is now available in South Africa, both online and in-store at Skins Cosmetics.

Product Image Courtesy of Geza Schoen

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