Blogging Tips – How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 1)

Blogging Tips - How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 1)

I receive so many questions about “HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL FASHION BLOG” and while I am no expert on the topic and just an occasional blogger, I’ve decided to share my knowledge and experiences with you in a step by step guide. There is so much to cover on this topic so I have chosen to present it in a five-part series.


So you’ve decided to start a fashion blog – how exciting! The first step is to try and establish ‘Who are you writing for?’ and ‘What type of content would you like to cover?’. It is important to have a focused niche and define your target audience from the onset as this will set the tone for future blog posts.

The next step is to think about ‘How frequently you wish to blog?’. Are you going to blog regularly and commit to three to five posts a week or join the ‘slow blogging movement’ as an occasional blogger? Whatever you’ve decided, remember it is good to set a precedence right from the start and stick to it.

Let’s get started! These tips should help get your blog structure and look in place, and ready for you to embellish with your literary jewels.

Blogging Tips - How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 1)
Blogging Tips – How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 1)

Choose Your Blog Name. It Will Stand for Your Brand
When you eventually become a fixture on the blogging scene with an engaged reader base, the blog name may not seem all that important. Because your wit, your incisive insights and your expertise will define your brand. However, till then, it is important to associate your content with a striking, searchable domain that will convey the spirit of you and your brand to your prospective readers. Just keep a few things in mind before whipping out your credit card and registering something elaborate.

Your blog name should have relevance to your brand and/or the topics you wish to cover. Avoid being impulsive, make sure it is memorable and unique. If faced with a choice between being clever and being lucid, choose the latter. Spend some time researching various options and ensure that your domain name is available for purchase and available on your favourite social media platforms as well. Also, make sure that your domain name is consistent with your social media URLs. For example, StyleSociety was available on all social platforms except for Twitter. Hence, I decided on StyleSocietySA and kept all the social media URLs the same to make it easier for my readers to find me online. Example, https://www.facebook.com/stylesocietysa

Make sure you purchase the ‘.com’ domain if possible. I was advised incorrectly by my hosting company at the time of registering this domain and I have many regrets. ‘High Style’ was my first choice but that domain was taken so I opted for ‘StyleSociety’ instead. StyleSociety was the name of my monthly newsletter, so my then boutique clients were already familiar with this. I was advised to purchase the ‘.co.za’ domain even though the ‘.com’ was available at the time. Since then, StyleSociety.com has been on sale with bids starting at $10000. So my advice would be – buy the ‘.com.’ and the ‘.co.za’ domains while you can!

Choose Your Blogging Platform
Most bloggers gravitate towards WordPress, which is the most versatile blogging platform and the best in my opinion. Your host can assist you with your WordPress installation and you can get started right away. There are amazing plugins available to enhance your blog and remember to link to all your social platforms.

Choose Your Theme
A theme is the pizzazz of your blog. It is the couture your blog sports. It is your blog’s personality and you need one that looks great without extensive customization. Themes are both free and premium (paid) and you should be careful to select one that caters to your requirements without challenging your nascent ‘design’ skills. A great blog flows from one section to another and has a fluid feel. Static pages that scream ‘Web 2.0’ HTML are so passé!

If you are determined to have your brand colours on your blog, choose a theme that accommodates your palette. Just look into the ‘child themes’ section of the theme download page or write to the authors of the theme. You do not want the hassle of going into the CSS editor and tinkering around with the style sheets unless you are familiar with this.

stylesociety logo

Design Your Logo
Your logo is another essential part of a branded blog platform. And the best way to go about having one with a ‘striking’ feel is to opt for typography designs. StyleSociety has a typographic logo. An editor like Photoshop has a plethora of fancy fonts in which you can render your blog name. This video is a good starting point.

The components of your brand should come together in harmony with just the right amount of oomph to set you apart from your peers. Be authentic and you will be fine!

Go ahead and start brainstorming! See you next week with PART TWO of this blogging series

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