FILORGA Time Zero | Turns Back the Clock on Your Skin

Turn back the clock on your skin with Filorga Time Zero. Wrinkles are persistent and no longer the concern of women just on the stronger side of 50 anymore. Thanks to fatigue, pollution, dehydration and a host of other lifestyle anomalies, they can show up on vibrantly youthful faces as well. Not the best news, I know. But there’s good news too. And it comes from one of my favourite aesthetic brands – Filorga.

Time Zero | Combating the Ravages of Four Types of Wrinkles
You just can’t cover all the breakthroughs and innovations; Filorga has compressed into one bottle of Time Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum. But I will try to do my best.

First and foremost Time Zero benefits from the patented swirl technology thanks to which anti-wrinkle fluids can now co-exist with stretch gels even though the two formulae are intrinsically incompatible. So you get a visible smoothening of grooves and furrows with the luminescence of deep hydration – an unprecedented combination.

The second count of astonishment lies in Time Zero’s integrated, 360-degree approach. The reason why improving the appearance of wrinkles is so uncertain is because they are the by-products of some possible skin conditions. The diagnosis is difficult.

Filorga Time Zero

FILORGA Time Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum
  • Some wrinkles are caused by prolonged neglect of moisturization needs in sensitive areas like the mouth and the eyes. These are deep furrows that often require invasive procedures to reduce. Time Zero targets such wrinkles with microspheres of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) reticulated with Konjac to fill in the folds. Providing a global cutaneous coating of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. And boosts HA synthesis through oligosaccharides of glucuronic acid.
  • Still, others can be attributed to fatigue and loss of volume from the face. For these folds, Time Zero employs a patented NCTF complex of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to accelerate cellular poly-revitalization with Matrikines for intensive tissue regeneration. This two-pronged treatment emulates the benefits of classic mesotherapy.
  • For wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, Time Zero uses Botox-like corrective action without actually introducing the neurotoxin into your system. It relies on the acetylcholine inhibitor Hexapeptide to manage and mitigate the contractions.
  • Finally, for surface wrinkles that signal the onset of ageing Time Zero takes pre-emptive action creating a double peeling effect with Gluconolactone, Polyhydroxyacide and retinoid active ingredients derived from Sea Fennel.

In short, Time Zero is not leaving things to chance. It is a miracle potion for your skin that leverages Filorga’s decades of extensive experience to create a once in a lifetime product that can offer the advantages of a whole range of expensive therapies from the convenience of your home.

At R1090 for a 30ml, women can easily make it a part of their regime and use the creamy, lush texture as an ideal base for make-up.

Filorga Time Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum
Retail Price – R1090.00 for 30ml


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