Haute Edit – Curated Handcrafted Collectables

Pieces That Fascinate:
HAUTE EDIT has been a labour of love. I have personally studied exciting trends in the global market and liaised with dozens of artists to shortlist the few who will be featured. I procure a limited number of items each month, and they do not spend too much time ‘on the shelf’. The character and charm they are capable of adding to any décor can’t be matched by the slick factory made pieces in the open market. And this ups the ante around their acquisition! I am working on expanding the volume and selection, though. And hopefully, my readers will see less of the ‘sold out’ label in the near future.

Porcelain Oil and Balsamic Bowls - Marble
Porcelain Oil and Balsamic Bowls – Marble

Curated Ceramics, Gilded Accessories & More:
The HAUTE EDIT store is not for you if you are thrilled by perfect rounds and smooth domes. There is nothing factory made about what I stock. The items are a throwback to an age when people had meaningful conversations and food was as much about the presentation as it was the savouriness.

The focal point of the selection is ceramics. It is an ode to the revival of imperfect pieces that reflect your individuality. Pieces that are wildly different – some abstract, some sophisticated and some rustically charming.

Premium ceramics have always enthralled me. And now they are delighting the US and Europe. Highly sought after for their obvious one-off, handmade appeal, they bring the warmth of the kiln to your home. They allow curious guests to explore the newness of each lovingly crafted masterpiece while conveying the message that a ‘replica’ is impossible. Ceramics have the element of earth to them. And they absorb our hurriedness, calming and centring us to enjoy the present moment.

Salt and Pepper Pinch Bowl - Porcelain
Salt and Pepper Pinch Bowl – Porcelain

Ceramicists pour their imagination into the pieces. And when you buy an HAUTE EDIT item, you invest in a story that began in the studio and will live on in your home. The design, the engravings and even the shape and pattern of what you choose, you won’t see anywhere else. That’s a guarantee.

Yes, they aren’t dishwasher or microwave safe. Yes, they must be treated gently with mild soapy water and a dry cloth. But I strongly feel that we have forgotten the art of nurturing. And these collector’s pieces might just put you back in touch with it!

The table accessories in precious and semi-precious metals also resonate with the forms found in nature, stepping away from modern lines! Nitya Arora’s sculptural jewellery is also available as well as a range of luxurious faux fur throws.

These HAUTE EDIT pieces are great conversation starters, appreciated by collectors, tastemakers and fashion aficionados alike. They are style statements bringing the alchemy of old world charm with contemporary style to your home and personality.

Porcelain Condiment Serving Set - Flat
Porcelain Condiment Serving Set – Flat

Spoil yourself or a friend. These pieces are so great you’ll want more. It’s time to join the ‘slow revolution’ and change our world, one collectable at a time.


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