Haute Scent – Gucci Bamboo

Gal Gadot’s million dollar legs and arched back had me at first glance. The teaser that heralds the birth of this new fragrance from the stalwart design house Gucci is intriguing and makes you want to hit the gym. Or the salon at the very least! To try and embody some of Gal’s effortless beauty! My expectations were high as I was looking forward to something exquisitely mysterious yet light and green. A difficult combination to hit…but its Gucci we are talking about.


Let’s start with what is right!

The promotions are spot-on. The anticipation that goes through you at the husky-voiced narrator’s intonation ‘When she speaks, you listen’ is characteristic of Gucci! The label has always portrayed women as sleek, sophisticated, high femme fatal who have their shades of grey, their idiosyncrasies and the ability to control – everything from fast cars to Adonises in suits. And with Bamboo, the same sentiment is reiterated. The confident walk, the beckoning glance, the fiery tango and the luscious lips! It is seduction at its best.

The flacon is just as awe-inspiring. It is an edifice of crystal art deco excellence. The sharp geometric lines blend smoothly and almost softly into each other accentuating the core of femininity in the most aggressive ‘dame of the world’. It is solid and has a ‘presence’ of its own. If you whip it out and take a spritz, you won’t leave the room without conveying a strong positive impression. The stopper is polished silver and distinctive.  The pale pink glory of the actual perfume contrasts with the icy coldness of the diamond cuts adorning the body of the bottle and entices you to explore the scent.

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And that is where the experience takes flight and becomes sublime. Named after the popular Bamboo Bags of the Gucci line, the fragrance has all the freshness a buyer may expect from an aroma with such a Zen epithet.

The opening accords of Bergamot hint at magical alchemy underneath and the floral heart of Yland-Ylang, Lily and Orange Blossom deliver on the promise. The base of Tahitian Vanilla and Amber add the needed ‘muskiness’ to the fragrance for an erotic and secret lingering exit.

Indubitably Gucci Bamboo excels at eloquence. The dialogue that it has with the wearer flows with the passion and savvy of the ideal Gucci woman. All in all the sweet symphony works hard to justify the price tag of R 1,195 for a 75 ml acquisition.

Gucci Bamboo EDP: Retail Price
30ml EDT – R  835.00
50ml EDT – R 1165.00
75ml EDT – R 1490.00

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

{Campaign Video Courtesy of Gucci}