Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Assets Collection

The New Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Assets Collection

I will be pouting my way to happiness with Elizabeth Arden’s new Bold Liquid Assets Collection. If you are a diehard matte fan…you’d better rethink that. Elizabeth Arden’s Bold Liquid Assets Collection will dazzle your lips with the luscious, high shine! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There are make-up brands that we flirt with. You know, try on once in a while. And then there are the “ever after” love affairs, like the good old faithful Elizabeth Arden. The mere mention of Elizabeth Arden takes you back to an era of distinctive glamour. And in typical Elizabeth Arden style, it has bunked the matte tradition set by Sephora to bring these beautiful glossy, bold masterpieces to the market.

Meet the Liquid Assets Collection

The New Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Assets Collection

The Liquid Assets collection is unapologetically vibrant and bright. If you don’t want to stand apart from the herd, don’t look this way. Because once you are committed to wearing the lipsticks and the eyeliners, you will definitely shine!

But the line doesn’t come lacking in innovation either. The Emollient Ester and Glycerin drenched products solve some age-old problems that put women on the fence about going the gloss way.

  • The lipsticks have a flocked, angled tip that allows the creamy colour to melt through when the slider is pushed, and this cuts down wastage. One pump is enough to generously slather your kissers without piling the colour high for a garish, overdone vibe.
  • Both the lipsticks and the eyeliners pack in Micro Pigments for the boldest most intense hues. Forget about wilting pinks and watery blues. These shades will electrify your look.
  • Bid goodbye to bleeds. The rich wet collection boasts Resin and Filmogen Polymers that hold the micro pigments in place improving the stay and the shine.

The lip colours come in shades of Extreme Pink, Daring Beige, Luscious Raspberry, Fiery Red, Fearless Red, Passionate Peach and Seductive Magenta. Priced at R295 a pop, they are an investment to scorch parties this summer.

Bold Defining 24HR Liquid Eye Liner

The eyeliners with their precise calligraphy effect are available in Dark Valentine, Gilded Brown, Electric Blue, Mystique Green and Plum Desire. They come at R265 per bottle.

So get ready to dress up to the hilt and channel your inner temptress.

Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Assets Collection
Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick Retail Price – R295.00
Bold Defining 24HR Liquid Eye Liner Retail Price – R265.00

Disclaimer: Products featured were supplied for review.

{Product Images Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden SA}