The Oberoi Rajvilās Royal Delight in Jaipur

A sneak peek into ‘Royal Rajasthan’ might just tempt you to daydream your way to the magical decadence that is The Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur.

Fair warning, girls. This piece gives you a sneak peek into how the ‘Royalty of Rajasthan’ lived. It might just tempt you to drop work and daydream your way to the magical decadence that is THE OBEROI RAJVILĀS in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Jaipur, popularly referred to as the Pink City, is full of architectural wonders.

No heavy silver bangles were jingling on my wrists. A demure ghoonghat didn’t hide my face from the prying eyes of strangers. No one was calling me ‘Rājakumārī’, but I felt like a princess nevertheless.

Last year we visited Rajasthan to stir up inspiration for my Haute Edit collection. And I left with memories that I will cherish for a lifetime, a larger than life royal experience and a profound sense of thankfulness for my Indian roots.

Rajasthan is the crown jewel of the East. But our stay was made infinitely more memorable because of the hospitality and the opulence of The Rajvilās. When it comes to the royal service, The Oberoi Rajvilās wears the crown.

The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Oberoi in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Oberoi Rajvilās Peacocks Roam The Grounds
Peacocks Roam The Grounds

The Rajvilās was built as a traditional Rajasthani fort

We were enamoured by the resorts sprawling gardens and decorative Mughal-inspired fountains. We stayed in a Premier Suite, which offered a tranquil view of the lush tropical private garden. It was an oasis of peace, and I loved the aura of calm that it seemed to exude. The Oberoi Rajvilās premier suites are set around tranquil courtyards, richly embellished with a white Italian marble sunken bathtub looking into its own private walled ornamental garden.

The sunken bath faces a plush, manicured, private garden and is designed to transport the bather to a time when first-world anxieties no longer mattered. The joy you feel inside seems capable of painting your life a serene rose.

I won’t even try to do justice to the magnificence of the creation. I’ll let you soak it all in with this 360-degree panoramic video that’s available on the Rajvilās website.

The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
Jaipur Rajasthan
The Oberoi Rajvilās Marble Sunken Bath
Marble Sunken Bath
The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan
The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur Rajasthan

The Oberoi Rajvilās in Jaipur

Have you ever extended your stay at a resort because you were having such a great time? Have you ever cancelled potential business meetings because you had an unquenchable thirst to revel in more of the medieval majesty? I never thought it was possible, but that’s precisely what happened. 

We had initially booked the premier room and planned to spend a week in Jaipur and four days in Mumbai before returning to South Africa. We had such a memorable stay at the Rajvilās that we decided to cancel our plans for Mumbai and spend extra time in Jaipur.

Thankfully we had booked to stay with the Oberoi Group in Mumbai, so both the hotel manager and concierge took care of all the necessary details for us. Management at the Rajvilās appreciated our patronage and went even further and upgraded us to a luxury tent. The Luxury Tent transports you back in time to when caravans of royalty would rest overnight under the magnificent stars in the vast Rajasthani desert.

The Rajvilās – A Royal Service

You cannot visit Rajasthan and not ditch your diet. You’ll struggle for the first 24 hours. And then you’ll chuck the weight concerns to the balmy winds and set out to explore the rich and regal cuisine of princely Rajasthan to enjoy every delectable taste it has to offer.

There is so much to get impressed by – the lavish ten-course banquets, the downright aristocratic medley of carved columns and arches …… well… I won’t reminisce too much.

Even though each exquisite dish was something to write home about, I kept returning to the masala sandwiches, the masala chai and my absolute favourite fiery Lal Maas – the pride of Rajputana cooking.

Spices and herbs awaken the exotic mistress in me. And I was drawn to the exclusive masterclass with the Raj Mahal chief chef, who revealed some of his secret techniques while preparing a royal hunting-style chicken curry. A classic Rajasthani dish once served to kings. Yes…the dinners back home just got better!

Serendipitously my husband’s birthday coincided with this trip of a lifetime. Unlike me, he isn’t too crazy about birthdays, but The Rajvilās made it uber special. 

A Royal Celebration

We started the day with a sacred blessing ceremony at the 300-year-old Lord Shiva Temple located on the resort, which is looked after by a 5th generation priest. We then enjoyed a delectable surprise breakfast in our private garden, then afternoon drinks at the Naila Fort. This architectural splendour is home to the owners of The Oberoi Hotel Group.

The magical day ended on a high note with an exclusive masterclass with the chief chef, followed by a private ten-course dinner at the Raj Mahal, especially for Terrence. 

Could it have been any better? I don’t think so. They say perfection is mythical. But after this stay at the Rajvilās, I feel inclined to disagree. 

There is so much more I want to share – more pictures, more sumptuous details. So if you dig this post, show it some social love, and I will share more soon.

Travel Tip | Jaipur in Rajasthan

If you’re ever considering visiting Jaipur, I would definitely suggest a stay at The Oberoi Rajvillas. When it comes to the royal service – they wear the crown.

Book a luxury tent – it’s worth the splurge! I won’t even try to do justice to the magnificence of this resort. I’ll let you soak it all in with this 360-degree panorama that’s available on the Rajvilās website.

If you’re in Rajasthan a visit to Amber Fort of Amer is in order.

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