Istanbul Travel Diaries | Delightful and Charming

My Istanbul Travel Diaries will leave you charmed by the spirit of hospitality and the desire of its citizens to savour each moment of life!

I am no stranger to the magnetic pull of Istanbul’s Old City, having sampled most of its delights. When I walked the cobbled streets and beheld the pleasant smiles, I was struck by the dreaminess of the place. My Istanbul Travel Diaries will leave you charmed by the spirit of hospitality and the desire of its citizens to savour each moment of life to the fullest! 

Being part of a country that has seen its fair share of political unrest, Istanbul has held on to its graciousness and its quaint past-present connection with tenacity. And I am glad to say; if I have the opportunity to return, I will do so in a heartbeat. 

We visited a few years back and enjoyed staying at the W Hotel in Beşiktaş, İstanbul. At the risk of sounding somewhat stereotypical, I have to say that the façade made me expect a flying Persian carpet to swoop down and take me to my suite. 

The impression is breathtaking. The Marmara marble, the Ottoman patterns, the gilded golden trimmings of the structure and the spaciousness of the lobby – all come together to transport you back to more luxurious and more glamorous times. The hotel promises history meets chic, and it delivers on every count. I am so convinced that W Hotel Stands for WOW.

Istanbul Travel Diaries

Istanbul Travel Diaries
Istanbul Travel Diaries | Delightful and Charming
Istanbul Travel Diaries | Delightful and Charming
Istanbul Travel Diaries | Delightful and Charming
Istanbul Travel Diaries | Delightful and Charming

Travel to me isn’t the aloof pleasures of a tourist. It is the fine art of vicarious living. I am never content with “sightseeing” or the guide’s version of a city’s heritage. I love diving deep into its melting pot. I adventure to absorb as much of its alluring past and present as possible using all five senses. 

Shopping fits right on the agenda. I always convince myself that I am carrying back memories and experiences frozen in delightful objects. I love collecting unique travel souvenirs that spontaneously transport me to the picturesque vistas of faraway lands once visited and cultures I adore. 

Istanbul has lots to offer when it comes to shopping. I picked up beautiful evil eye bracelets for myself and my friends. We also invested in a lovely Persian silk rug and gave in to the fad of the moment, and got a gorgeous hookah pipe. I have to admit that nothing beats the authentic handicraft. I wrapped up my session at the Grand Bazaar with a Turkish tea set and lots of envy-inducing scarves. 

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As night falls in Istanbul, the beautiful people head to Club Reina and rub shoulders with the who’s who of the city. Holding a dazzler aloft, I also gave in to the rhythms spun by the DJ and later enjoyed a sumptuous dinner two overlooking the beautiful Bosphorous.

We also found time to visit the Vogue rooftop Bar and Restaurant known for its world-famous Sushi – YUM. I would also recommend a visit to a charming Hookah Bar called Gülhane Sur Café. Gülhane Sur Café is located on a historic cobblestone street between Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace. The two stone walls on either side of the road are as scenic as this small Café gets, but the vibe is fantastic. You can take a break from your sightseeing and try out the local coffees or ‘nargile’ (also known as ‘shisha’ and ‘hookah’).

Our trip ended with a ride up the Bosphorous on the upper deck of the ferry. From the stunning blue waters that splashed everywhere to the haunting cries of the seagulls and the skyline kissed by the spires of the ancient architecture inspired buildings, it was about the best way to end the idyllic tour. 

With time people change, and the “vibe” of a country also shifts. But I hope to someday return to an Istanbul that is just as charming and alluring as ever.

Travel Tip | Istanbul in Turkey

Don’t leave without trying out the local ‘nargile’ (also known as ‘shisha’ and ‘hookah’) at Gülhane Sur Cafe. Their teas and coffees are as marvellous as their shisha.

To your wanderlust dreams!

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  1. I was in ISTANBUL a month ago. Ten days just wasn’t enough time! What a beautiful cIty – the cuLtural and architectural history As well as the fIrst-world modernity had me promising to return…


  3. I have been to istanbul and i must say it is a beautiful city and i would highly recommend a visit to Turkey

  4. It looks so amazing! Istanbul is DEFINITELY next on my bucket list! Whats your favourite Food to eat there?
    Much love

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    Hopefully when the kids are older I’ll travel more
    Have a whOle list of places I want to go see ❤️❤️

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  8. Wow, what a memory for me. I travelled to turkey with my brother 10 years ago shorTly after i losT my dad to crime. It holds very nostalgic memories for me and i wOuld love to go back and treat my mom to A trip away – we are the best of friends!

  9. I love reading your blog and seeing your photos. Your traveling INSPIREs me so much! Love your style ❤

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  11. I am yet to venture into the Middle east, and Turkey is def on my list. discovering the art and architecture of a country UNDOUBTEDLY expresses a part of culture and as someone who lives to CAPTURE the beauty through my PHOTOGRAPHY it’ s a must.

    • You will most certainly fall in love with Istanbul darling! It has a myriad of cultural influences from bygone eras… and the old city has some of the most facinating architecture I’ve seen ♥

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