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Kumari Govender Interior Stylist Vibe Trays

Building a home is as exciting as it is daunting. I’ve spent the most recent year experiencing the whole process. Being a creative at heart, I was very much involved from the design phase to the final wrap-ups. As much as it was energizing seeing it all come together, the procedure can be amazingly overwhelming for the most part. There’s such so much to ‘browse’ and ‘settle on’ like your shading palettes, finishes, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings and I’m just getting started.

While investing hours on the web hunting down redesigned alternatives, suppliers, retailers and ideas, I chose to look to my most loved eminent decorator Kelly Wearstler for some inspiration. Having spent a few years working as an interior stylist myself Kelly’s style regularly speaks to me. I adored her use of texture, optical realistic and geometric shapes and vibrant accents to transform a space.

Kelly has been working with her amazing Vibe Trays (Kelly’s Moodboards) which I have been pinning like crazy throughout recent years. I saw this as a flawless opportunity to try out Kelly’s Vibe Trays but put my twist on it. Vibe Trays are a new approach to Mood Boards and a procedure that has truly re-imagined my style.

Before you begin your Vibe Tray, I recommend getting started with a digital Style Board to help organise your thoughts and ideas. Here you can pin all your favourite pieces, textures and colours before bringing your concept together in a Vibe Tray. I find this a more practical approach that highlights your creative influences. It’s instantaneous – you can see what works and what doesn’t! Personally, I have always gravitated towards a chic ‘black and white’ palette, so essentially this would be a more accurate reflection of my style.

Have a look at my Style BoardKumari Govender Interior Stylist Vibe Trays

Creating my Vibe Tray

Firstly I needed to settle on textures. I am obsessed with textures, and I adore incorporating patterns in my interior styling, so this was not as easy as it may seem. I chose to draw inspiration from my travels and Indian heritage because I wanted my home to be a true reflection of myself and not an advertorial from a store bought magazine.

I began by acquiring some Indian collectables that shout old world charm paired with contemporary French oak – contrasting design elements that are too powerful and timeless to ignore. I then settled on the use of bold monochrome herringbone designs for flooring in specific areas and opted for a cutting edge white polished concrete floors in the vast open living areas and bedrooms.

The high contrast palette is classic and forever relevant. To add a touch of luxe, I brought in black marble (Negro Marquina) for the bathrooms and splashbacks and completed the look with rich gold tones in brass and metallics. I finished off with gorgeous textured Gold wallpaper from Hertex for over the top newness.

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