FILORGA Nutri-Filler Replenishing Cream

I don’t like to call myself a dermal snob! But I am definitely picky when it comes to experimenting with brands and products. I like to bide my time, do my research and then slather creams and lotions over my face and body. After all, your skin is the largest organ of your body, and you only have one sheath, with none to spare.

But where Filorga is concerned, I am more than ready to drop my defenses, and I eagerly started on my 30-day journey with the uber luxurious Nutri-Filler moisturizing day cream.

Did I notice positive results?

You bet!

Let me describe my experience with what might be the most revolutionary beauty product of the year.

Starting off with something almost frivolous, it is the bottle that sets the tone for your intimate relationship with the Nutri-Filler. Filorga is a boutique brand that prides itself on the use of cutting edge technology and the smooth balance of non-invasive skin care with modern aesthetics innovations it achieves with every offering. This sentiment translates well into the shape and the form of the container. Pristine white with solid lines, it complements the dense cream inside.

If you have oily skin, then you might want to patch test the Nutri-Filler before including it in your regime. But if you are feeling the loss of moisture and your face has taken on the stretchiness of approaching age, this product has what it takes to convert the desert landscape into a luscious, plump and glowing slice of paradise.

Based on the research that elevates their anti-ageing fillers to the cult status of extremely efficient solutions, this moisturizer acts almost immediately on the fine lines and imperfections that tend to crowd the jawline of women over 30 with its balm-like texture.

In my opinion, you will notice the remarkable difference in just 15 days of constant use.


FILORGA Nutri-Filler

The real list of ingredients reads quite technical. So here goes my take on it!

The primary goal of the Nutri-Filler is to stimulate collagen and ceramide production in the skin and re-contour the jaw area to bring back the sharper more defined V of the 20s that gradually sags its way to an unimpressive U on the wrong side of 30. I believe this is an excellent change of direction for Filorga, and it has leveraged its advanced knowledge and expertise to do a great job of hitting at the despair point of its buyers.

The three step Nutri-Filler action is:

  1. Extreme Nourishment – Rich in Ursolic Acid Liposomes (URA) that can improve ceramide production by up to 500% in 9 days, Nutri-Filler attacks the weakening synthesis of skin lipids right away. With Shea Butter and Argan Oil, it is capable of providing an intense moisturizing effect and eliminates free radicals, preserving the skin’s youthful appearance and protecting you from the abrasive impact of wind and pollution particles.
  1. Extreme Regeneration – Davilla Rugosa extract has gone into the Nutri-Filler making it an ideal collagen protector. While the URA works to boost collagen and lipid production, Davilla stands guard ensuring that existing levels do not dip due to the adverse impact of free radicals, ultimately leading to appreciably firmer skin that everyone from your spouse to your acquaintances will notice.
  1. Extreme Lift – Is a reversal of skin slackening possible? Without surgery or Botox? Yes!!

FILORGA Nutri-Filler

I was quite skeptical till I compared my ‘After’ image to the ‘Before’ shot. A rare red algae active ingredient endows Nutri-Filler with its potency and sculpts the fatty tissues around the jawline to bring back your perfect profile without the slightest hint of a double chin.

At R910.00 for 50ml, it is definitely a premium buy. But trust me when I say, the Filorga Nutri-Filler is not an expense; it is an investment that will boost your self-confidence without the trauma of going under the knife.

Filorga  Nutri-Filler
Retail Price – R910.00 for 50ml

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

{Product Images Courtesy of FILORGA South Africa}

2 thoughts on “FILORGA Nutri-Filler Replenishing Cream”

  1. I was highly doubtful that day creams actually work as they claim. This one seems to be my best investment on
    anti ageing product so far. It surprisingly softened fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes,
    my skin looks and feels firm than before. A few age spots i was having also disappeared, i was just trying to find them but no trace to be seen.
    A couple of people commented on how nice my face looked in the past month. I am gonna stick to this one for now.
    As i see immediate results, i never saw before with the creams i was using. Love that i found this 🙂


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