Escada Joyful Moments Limited Edition – Eternally Bright

As a connoisseur of fine fragrances, I do not tend to take to floral aromas with enthusiasm. I seek the exotic and the elusive. I love the balance of masculine notes and feminine coquetry. Alas perfumes that envelope you in the cloying sweetness of roses and lilies rarely live up to the depth and dimension I expect from epic concoctions.

But this one had me at first whiff. And I have to admit that Escada’s Joyful Moments is a class apart. Because it takes you down the memory lane with the comfortable familiarity of well-loved notes of yore but packs in just the right modern punch to steer clear of ‘tired and done’ territory. It teases your senses and keeps you guessing. Is it possible for naughty and nice to ever come together in an Eau De Parfum? I believe Joyful Moments embodies all the characteristics of that paradoxical, mythical scent.

Escada Joyful Moments Limited Edition


Okay, the teaser left a LOT to be desired. And Miranda Kerr has frankly been over-exposed with all those Swarovski Crystal adverts. But I do appreciate the sentiment behind the promotion. Escada has created an elite fragrance for the everyday woman. The pretty young thing who dances by herself when her favorite song rides the airwaves! The mother of two who is still a gorgeous diva at heart! And the college student on the lookout for sophomore love! Joyful Moments is all about finding the heart of ‘special’ in everyday life.

The color palette is primarily pink and golden. And the hues lend themselves well to the youthful positioning of the perfume.

Escada Joyful Moments Limited Edition


Guilty indulgence right? I hoard perfume bottles like there is no tomorrow. Long after the pleasure of the scent dissipates, the flacon stands tall. As a testament to the brief, but torrid, love affair with the unique alchemy that defined the fragrance.

And if you are anything like me, you will be wiping the drool off your chin when you lay your greedy eyes on this marvel of modernity and confidence.

Escada dreams BIG. There is no denying the fact. The lines and silhouette of the bottle pay homage to stalwarts like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana with a compact flattened square form. In direct contrast to this quiet sense of power is the delicious pink liquid that catches the sunlight and turns almost purple.

The golden collar with the iconic double E tops the falcon with élan. Crowned by a jeweled stopper in the same mirage colors as the fragrance itself, the entire package is reminiscent of the city skyscrapers that dot the horizon of Santa Monica. A glistening delight through and through!


Joyful, the predecessor of Joyful Moments, was a peony fragrance. The house of Escada did a brilliant job recreating the delicate yet complex aroma of the flower that is considered a difficult scent to mimic.

The same mastery also resides in the flacon of this latest offering. But with the addition of mouth-watering lychee, the aroma is both fruity and floral.

In my opinion, a lot more uplifting and light!

Escada Joyful Moments Limited Edition
{Illustration © Courtney Kim for StyleSociety™}

The first spritz transports you to exotic orchards. Blackcurrant sorbet and Lychee embrace each other in a divine coupling of sweet with the tang of fresh Mandarin to cut through with a burst of zest. At the heart, pink Peony blooms in crescendo with Damascus Rose and Violet leaves. The whole fragrant edifice stands on the base of rich Vanilla and warm, vibrant Honeycomb.

It is heady, it is girly, and it is the scent of a modern woman who knows her mind but retains a core of soft warmth. The longevity is appreciable and at R865 for 50ml bottles, is definitely worth a buy.

Escada Joyful Moments EDP (Limited Edition): Retail Price
50ml EDT – R 865.00

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

{Campaign Images of Courtesy Escada}

{Illustration © Courtney Kim for StyleSociety™}