Fashion Influencers Unite | Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Influencers Unite. If you pride yourself on being an empowered individual who can make a difference, Fashion Revolution is a cause with a heart and is just right for you.

Fashion is personal, timeless, and evolving form of self-expression. Its elusive qualities of chic and stylish can’t be circumscribed by boundaries of age, ethnicity and even era. It is fleeting yet impactful.

Fashion is the definition of the corporate queen ruling her world with an iron fist. It is the dream of the fresh-faced teenager with the glamour of Vogue in her eyes. And it is the most potent weapon in the armoury of the seductress out on her nightly prowl. Fashion is protean, and it willingly takes on many implications and attributes.

Unfortunately something as exciting and vaunted as fashion can also have an ugly side to it! A side that exploded on the international scene as a topic of genuine and pressing concern when the Rana Plaza Factory Complex collapsed in Dhaka Bangladesh killing 1134 people and injuring 2500 more.

A Dark Day In The World Of Fashion

When the news of the event hit the media, outrage bubbled up from all corners of the globe as conscious, and responsible fashionistas took to the streets to protest the horrifying work conditions in which men, women and even children are forced to labour; so that apocryphal and inconsiderate brands can optimize their profits riding on the back of unsustainable sourcing of raw materials and blatant exploitation of manpower!!

The 24th of April became a black mark on the silken bodice of the industry. It gave birth to the Fashion Revolution Day, which commemorates the sacrifice of the fallen at Rana Plaza and provides fresh impetus for the ongoing effort to promote and evangelize ethical fashion.

‘Slow’ Fashion Is The Future

Fashion Influencers Unite Fashion Revolution Exclusive Interview with Pnina Fenster

Fashion is cherished by ardent fans because of its power to effect stunning transformations. But a sartorial metamorphosis should not come at the cost of tracts of barren land, polluted rivers with ravaged aquatic life, landfills oozing wardrobe rejects and impoverished humans risking their health and well-being to feed the ‘fast’ production mills.

The primary objective of the Fashion Revolution Day is to shake the status quo and to rally forces around the concept of ‘slow’ fashion or ethical fashion which questions process and procurement and not just the size and the price.

Sustainability and transparency are essential issues for fashion aficionados who wish to enhance the value disseminated by the fashion production line and minimize the impact on the environment and underprivileged labourers by merely asking the question ‘Who made my clothes (and did they do it responsibly)?‘.

Fashion Influencers Unite

If you pride yourself on being an empowered individual who can make a difference, Fashion Revolution is a cause with a heart and is just right for you.

“Who made my clothes?” – Kumari Govender
A Sincere Call To Action

StyleSociety has always been a proponent of ethical fashion. In 2014 we encouraged Cape Town’s fashion enthusiasts to wear their designer labels inside out and delve deep into the supply chain and production considerations of their favourite brands.

In 2015, we are going all out yet again with the #InsideOut challenge, and I urge you to do the same.

  1. Wear your favourite outfit #InsideOut on the 24th of April
  2. Inquire into the story behind the label and the dress by calling or emailing the brand
  3. Snap a picture of the #InsideOut rebellion and share it on all social platforms with the shout-out, “Who made my clothes?”

This show of solidarity will culminate in an exclusive interview with Pnina Fenster, the editor of Glamour Magazine South Africa, as she shares her views on the fashion revolution movement with Cyril Naicker and StyleSociety.

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