Elizabeth Arden Drama Defined Collection

Bold Claims. Bolder Results. The New Elizabeth Arden Drama Defined Colour Collection delivering on the bold claims with stunning (even bolder) results

We are pretty used to reading product releases and press hype! It doesn’t take very much to put up a grand show; promising women on the go the ultimate in makeup perfection. But is it delivering on the bold claims with stunning (even more aggressive) results? You need an Elizabeth Arden to pull it off.

We are ecstatic to share Elizabeth Arden‘s Drama Defined Colour Collection from the company that has guarded the door to beauty secrets for ages! Literally…

Let’s say the products came, saw and conquered.

Elizabeth Arden Drama Defined Colour Collection

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we loved and adored.

Elizabeth Arden Drama Defined Colour Collection


The gorgeous gold splashed black packaging aside, and this is the stuff of curly dreams. The brush is larger than a typical mascara wand. But it is a wand in the absolute sense. As in, your lashes will achieve a super build-out for the perfect fanned look like magic.

Most importantly, the mascara won’t start dropping after a few hours out and about. I didn’t wake up with panda eyes. And for me, that is a big win. Available in intense black and intense brown, this product retails for R370 a bottle. It comes pumped with Carnauba fibres, Marula nut oil and anti-oxidants for the triple whammy of thickening, lengthening and protecting your lashes.


I was super psyched to try the pencil because, according to polls, this eyeliner has a better report card than an Ivy League graduate.

The stats stood out were these – 96% of women agreed that there was an instant colour payoff, and 94% of women felt it defined and boldened their eyes.

When drawing a wicked wing, I am not bothered about the hundred ingredients promising to transform my eye area tautness. Nah!

I am going after Drama. I am going after the “Wow” effect. And happy to say that the highly pigmented, intensely vibrant colours with the convenient smudge applicator helped me achieve it.


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I was curious about the insertion of the “blurring” because it reads a little out of place, to be frank. Don’t I want to stand out with my makeup? Now I get why this bad girl is called the blurring loose powder.

When you generously brush it over your skin, three things happen:

  • You are set for the rest of the day. Unless you are planning to run down multiple levels of stairs, a re-application is not needed.
  • The soft-focus technology imparts a healthy, even complexion without the problem of the powder settling in the minute grooves and furrows most of us have. It blurs the harshness of the first signs of ageing. Thank the inclusion of HA (hyaluronic acid) for this.
  • You get the elusive “no makeup” ook for the most envy-inducing selfies ever.
  • The product comes with a signature swivel mirror. It goes to the next level when teamed with the super-sized kabuki High-Performance Powder Brush. The brush is R380, and I love it more than my old trusty Chanel applicator.
  • The powder and the brush are meant to be together and give you a tint free, translucent, airbrushed finish.

Most concealers are unkind to your beauty blenders. This one isn’t. 100% of the women who tried the product in tests felt that the Stroke of Perfection had a smooth application and a non-sticky feel. I agree.

The tone matched my skin perfectly, which is usually impossible for a brown skin girl. It did a stellar job of not only hiding blemishes and imperfections but of reducing the signs of skin puffiness. The Jojoba Ester makes its presence felt. The level of moisturisation from this concealer is unheard of. It retails for R299 in Fair, Light, Medium and Brown shades and is an absolute steal deal.

It’s been a while since I have been this excited about a product line. Almost all the items perform beyond expectation. They effortlessly capture the essence of the modern woman – bold but not over the top, perfect but not made up.

Product Images Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

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