Travel The Unseen Dubai – Sun, Sand & Serenity

The Unseen Dubai - Platinum Heritage

Travel is the only expense that makes you richer! I firmly believe in this sentiment. Often the frenetic pace of our lives throws us off kilter. We start valuing accomplishments and acquisitions over more intangible treasures like quality time with loved ones. It is so easy to lose myself in my schedule and businesses. When I take the time to travel, to re-connect, to recharge, I realise that the success I crave is happiness and it often dwells in the power of a moment.

Dubai – The Way I Perceive It

When I touch down at the Dubai International airport, it doesn’t really matter how tired and bogged down I have been; I feel my pulse quicken. And it isn’t an anxiety driven high. It is the high of knowing that the worries of the world are now far behind. Not just me, hubby as well 🙂 People say they can smell the ocean. Well, I can recognize the scent of sun-drenched dunes and the peculiar serene stillness of the desert anywhere.

Dubai to me is not just shopping. It is not just decadence and luxury. It isn’t even the golden spoils that decorate the little shops and souks. Dubai is the epitome of unhurried progress. You can see signs of economic prosperity everywhere. Yet it doesn’t come at the cost of inner peace or contentment. You have to experience the culture to know the difference.

Two Ways Dubai Leaves Me Feeling Richer

I always make it a point to visit the local markets in Dubai. Not just the awe-inspiring malls decked with lights and towering spires. I am talking about the small shops hidden away behind the more opulent tourist guide recommended destinations. I spend hours going through the wares, tasting the exotic dry fruits, perusing the ethnic jewelry and marveling at the purity of the saffron strands.

Another favorite Dubai specialty is the desert safari. I don’t take a single selfie when the car navigates the yellow sand and the Eagles let lose their haunting cries above. There is something so sacred about the far-flung villages that dot the desert and the sense of plenty within the residents that I fill my cup up to the brim. I take away the security of always having enough and valuing the simpler things that bring joy. I let the child in me take control – at least for a while.

My passion calls for me to embrace chic, polish and glamour. Dubai is my (and hubby’s) go to haunt to connect with the fact that sophistication and surrender can exist side by side in harmony. And the mingling is beautiful!