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The spotlight is on SA FASHION DESIGNERS in this Top Tailoring piece for April 2019, Made In SA issue of The Sunday Times.

I have updated this post to include my full interview with Sunday Times for April 2019 Made in South Africa issue.

Who are the stand out South African Fashion designers, in your opinion? And Why?

There are many stand out South African Fashion Designers. Still, as an advocate of slow, sustainable design and being conscientious about ethical production, Craig Jacob’s fantastic work with his label Fundudzi has caught my attention. I have loads of admiration for South African Fashion Designers who are encouraging the shift towards ‘slow fashion’ and those who evangelize ethical fashion. Fundudzi is an eco-friendly fashion line that is ‘made in South Africa’ from locally sourced cashmere, bamboo, soy, corn and organic cotton from Lesotho. The brand also collaborates with local craftspeople incorporating time-honoured crafts in its fashion line. What’s not to love?

Have any South African Fashion Designers really made it overseas? Who and Why?

Laduma Ngxokolo’s culturally relevant textile and knitwear label MaXhosa has been a firm favourite on the international fashion scene for years, and he is known for taking South Africa’s rich heritage to the global stage. His globally appraised knitwear range is inspired by his traditional Xhosa culture – a blend of heritage, tradition and authentic design. Laduma Ngxokolo is a renowned, forward-thinking designer that has seen success with both his fashion and homeware range. His successful design collaborations have elevated his profile both locally and internationally.

What are the South African Fashion brands to watch and why?

Laduma Ngxokolo’s MaXhosa is a work of art and definitely a brand to watch as it grows from strength to strength. Naturally, I get a heightened sense of pride when I see local designers celebrating their roots with their heritage redefined as a valuable cultural currency.


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