South African Craftsmanship, International Appeal

Introducing my Haute Edit Resort Collection that launched in December 2016 – a perfect blend of South African craftsmanship and Indian heritage straight to your door.

I have always been a bit of a rebel when it comes to style and fashion; my imagination knows no boundaries. And that is why my inaugural designer pieces are a beautiful blend of South African craftsmanship and Indian influences. Haute Edit Resort Collection is an exclusive range of Robes and Kimonos that are all set to sizzle poolsides and casual soirees this Summer.

Beautiful, Bold Style Statements
I can do understated when I feel like it. But my debut in the world of stylish couture is all glitter, shimmer and pizzazz. From effervescent colours to luxurious fabrics to solid edgings of whimsical threadwork, these kimonos and robes are much more than convenience wear. They epitomise effortless glamour. They stand for breaking away from tradition and giving voice to the vibrancy inside.

purely my signature style and a steal for anyone who appreciates the StyleSociety brand of fashion.

What Can You Expect?
Besides compliments and jealous green stares?
Well, a lot.

These robes and kimonos are mostly one-off pieces.

You won’t see a whole horde of your friends emulating your jazz this season. The colour combinations range from greenery, glossy pink yarrow, subtle nudes to translucent peach. I have kept both warm and cool complexion tones in mind and have gone with bold colours that bring out your natural beauty.

Since robes have graduated from boring “after bath” sleepwear options to the must-have piece for the season, I have added to their appeal with heavy shots of elaborate Indian handiwork. 

You can take your pick from raw silk pieces adorned with delicate stone settings, metallic thread curlicues and sequins applique. Deep comfortable pockets are a nod to the customary knick-knack carrying capacity of robes and kimonos.

The designs conceptualised from scratch and the pieces are rich in fine details. My collection of robes and kimonos are mostly limited, never to be repeated, one-off pieces. So availability is understandably limited. And the packaging as always will be an experience in and of itself. Watch out for the guilty pleasure.

These gorgeous selections of robes and kimonos make the perfect gift for any fashion lover, especially for someone who appreciates a bespoke, one-off item. What a beautiful treat to celebrate the newness of 2017!

I will only be sharing a part of the collection online, as most of the one-off pieces will be available for purchase via our invite-only style soirées or at our atelier in the Cape Winelands (by appointment only). Head on over to hauteedit.com to place your order before stocks disappear. Please send an email to shop@hauteedit.com to request images of the entire range.

Shop the entire collection at hauteedit.com


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  1. This robe is absolutely incredible! It’s so sparkly and show stopping 🙂 What a beautiful and unique piece

    Rachel xx


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