STELLA Eau De Toilette Steals Hearts

I don’t know about you darlings but for me, the first ‘sniff’pression is the last impression. There is just something so alluring about a person who smells wonderful. I have never been able to control my lust for fragrances wild and ephemeral, and my boudoir happens to be chock-full of delicate receptacles of ancient alchemy – nee my perfume bottles!

So imagine my delight when April rolled around and my personal design muse Stella McCartney reinvented her signature scent the Stella Eau de Parfum in the longer lingering Eau De Toilette avatar.

I knew it would be epic and the first spritz confirmed and validated all of my expectations!

STELLA Eau De Toilette


I prefer my poison to be Zen – balanced regarding the Ying-Yang of fragrances. On that account, the new offering from Stella scores a full 10. It is neither cloyingly floral nor overpoweringly musky. Its confidence and sex appeal packaged in the pearly sheen of class.

The delicate heart of the immensely popular Stella Eau De Parfum has received love, and attention and dollops of elegant Bulgarian rose essence to create a master blend that is both striking and fresh. The fragrance opens deceptively enough tingling the olfactory nerves with a burst of citrusy mandarin and watered freesia. It then transitions into the vividness of the marriage between rose and violet leaves trailing away with a touch of ambergris to make its presence felt.

According to its creator, it is a playful homage to the lustrous beauty of a woman. I like!

STELLA Eau De Toilette


If you covet perfume receptacles, you will score big time with this buy. Retaining the suggestive nude color palette of previous iterations, this one gleams delicately pink, ensconcing the exhilarating scent of the modern day woman in a carved and ribbed fortress of amethyst crystal.

The golden collar embossed with the eponymous label screams chic and embodies the impeccable style of Stella McCartney. Caught between the plump, dewy lips of supermodel Lara Stone, its campaign images beckoned me to lose myself in their promise of luxury and understated sensuality.

Feminine and no fuss, the stopper completes the stylish look of the reloaded Stella Eau De Toilette. Twirl the bottle in a shaft of light and marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship of the flacon and its bevvy of polka dots. It emulates the grandeur of stars studding a lightly dawning sky. Or maybe that is just my imagination running wild!!


Why not! Parfums are great. But they can leave an unyielding impact on the people around you, especially if the fragrance happens to have more somber or heavy undertones. Eau De Toilettes with their 10% (or less) concentration are an ideal way to feel the rhythm and pulse of a line before committing to it full-time.

Relatively pocket-friendly, especially the 30 ml offering, I recommend this beaut without reservations.

Just Spray on the pulse points to instantly metamorphose into that woman who knows how to play the field to her heart’s content and get away with raising all kinds of hell. 🙂

STELLA Eau De Toilette: Retail Price
30ml EDT – R 600.00
50ml EDT – R 825.00
100ml EDT – R 1090.00

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

{Images Courtesy of Stella McCartney}

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