FILORGA Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum for a natural glow

Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum, the latest offering from an immensely popular and cutting edge beauty house, FILORGA makes no unrealistic promises.

Time spares nobody. If you’ve spotted a dozen fine lines snaking their way across the smooth and unblemished plane of your face, you likely feel like a victim. To the painful process of losing your cherished glow and suppleness! Of seeing the tautness of your jaw diminish, and the clarity of your skin disappear.

It is sad indeed.

But Some Brands Do Not Wish To Give Up The Fight So Easily!

Our knights in shining armour come in bottles and fancy containers. And we cheer them on as they draw their swords of chemical (and sometimes herbal) magic and proceed fearlessly to slay the dragon of ‘Approaching Age’. We anxiously check our visage for signs of improvement. And sometimes, thanks to the Placebo Effect, we do detect small wins. But does the battle ever end with the enemy vanquished? Time is indomitable. And it claims every face…eventually.

Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum, the latest offering from an immensely popular and cutting edge beauty house, FILORGA makes no unrealistic promises. It doesn’t claim to reverse the damage done completely to gift you with the ‘baby bottom smoothness’ of your infant skin.

What it does want women to know is that approaching signs of ageing can be arrested, and existing wrinkles, lines, and oiliness can be repaired to a great extent.

But the elixir should be carefully chosen. It has to be a blend of just the right ingredients that have been tested to produce results in the real world.

Fortunately for us, Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum happens to tick all the checkboxes.

Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum

Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum

What Can You Expect With The Perfect+ Serum?

Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum takes itself seriously. The bottle itself is eminently practical and can be slipped into a small handbag for diligent application every day. With the convenient dropper, wasting even a smidgeon of this precious serum is not an option.

According to its product literature, the Filorga Perfect+ works on three main areas and produces remarkable results.

Skin Texture & Fine Lines
Considered the most stubborn and unseemly of all the possible signs of ageing, it is crucial to take preventive action and stop their formation in their tracks. Once they take control of a face, there is no non-invasive way to turn back the clock.

Filorga Perfect+ works in two parts:

  • It gently exfoliates first to get rid of the patina of dirt and dry cells to expose the skin below that is more likely to be receptive to treatments. This is accomplished through a blend of 5 essential Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) derived from lemon, orange, sugarcane, bilberry and sugar maple fruit extracts.
  • When the epidermis is clean and fresh, it introduces Neurobiox, a powerful skin-booster extracted from yarrow. Neurobiox talks to skin cells with a complex chemical signature and cajoles the epidermis to start repairing itself. This stimulation evens out fine lines and wrinkles, initiating the recovery process.
Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum..

Pores & Excessive Shine
A healthy sheen is great. Oily shine is not. Filorga Perfect+ has Mastic, renowned for its antiseptic, astringent and anti-bacterial properties. In conjunction with PMMA spheres, it rapidly shrinks open pores, gives a mattifying effect on the skin and absorbs the excess sebum secreted for a picture-perfect look that doesn’t make you feel stretched and uncomfortable. Take the smile test – I guarantee your grin will get broader.

Lack of Sun-kissed Glow 
Forget unnatural tanning solutions. They are not conducive to great skin. A true sun-kissed glow is gentle, like the sheen of a rare amber stone and it somehow emanates from within. The good news is Filorga Perfect+ has mastered the technique to trigger this effect without hassles or professional treatments. An ingredient derived from Colza works with amino acids in the uppermost layer of the epidermis to generate brown polymers called melanoids which are responsible for the hint of bronze that can fool the most discerning make-up artist! Illuminating white sapphire dust with light-reflecting particles is the cherry on the cake, giving the impression of flawlessness like never before.

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At R865.00 for 30ml, the Filorga Perfect+ is not a huge financial investment. But it may just be the product that revises your cynical opinion of anti-ageing solutions.

Filorga Perfect+ Perfect Skin Serum
Retail Price – R865.00 for 30ml

Photos: Courtesy of Filorga

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