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More Fashion Blogging Tips in our “How To Start A Fashion Blog?” series. A Fashion Blogger should reflect a distinctive ‘style and uniqueness’.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Fashion Blogging Tips in our “How To Start A Successful Fashion Blog?” series. Today we’re going to focus on Style and Uniqueness. Because if you want to succeed as a Fashion Blogger, your brand should reflect a distinctive ‘style and uniqueness’ that mirrors your signature style.


‘Style & Uniqueness’
We have done extensive surveys over the years to find out more about our StyleSociety readers and what they respond best to. Most of our readers are fashion-obsessed females aged between 20 – 45 years old. When asked what attracted them to StyleSociety – most answered that it was the stylish, ultra-glossy and luxe element of this fashion blog that initially grabbed their attention. And, it was the fabulous content that kept them coming back for more.

Aspire To Be An Authoritative Voice In Your Industry

Being the founder and creative force of StyleSociety, my experience, forward-thinking approach, and legacy of curating excellence, backed by fashion media coverage, helped establish my brand as an authoritative voice in the industry. The site has attracted a broad readership of trendsetters and fashionistas that included magazine editors, fashion designers, fashion students, style mavens and many fashion-forward movers and shakers from South Africa and around the globe.

Here are some stats from our 2014 Survey
88% of StyleSociety readers are female, aged between 18 and 45
92% regard StyleSociety as sophisticated and of high quality
76% consider fashion as a means of self-expression
82% base their purchase decisions on StyleSociety reviews and recommendations

So as you can see, your style and uniqueness are what makes you stand out in a crowded industry. Content is most important, but beyond the written content, all the blog elements must come together in a posh symphony that is addictive.

Fashion Blogging Tips
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Alluring Visuals

The colours of your theme should not be discordant or jarring. It would help if you also respected the sensitivity of your audience because most readers can spot a faux pas a mile away. Use pastels or neutrals with bold dashes of vibrancy to make everything pop. When in doubt, white, black, and gold always work. It’s all about the visual impact and rich content that provides value.

In addition to sharing high-quality content, you should also only make sure that your images are well-edited and credited. Most of our photos are taken with an iPhone, and StyleSociety also has a paid subscription for high-resolution stock images. Also, a quick google search will reveal many websites that offer free stock images. You will need high-quality images that draw your readers.


Most importantly, ‘starting a fashion blog’ requires both creativity and originality. Now’s the time to page through all your favourite magazines and note the layouts and fonts. It would help if you also visited Pinterest for ideas on how to style your shoots. There are loads of free information readily available at a click of a button that you can use.

It would be best if you aimed to wow your prospective readers on arrival by serving them the authentic version of you. Also, give them enjoyable reads and alluring visuals. You could also team up with a photographer where possible and eventually invest in a good camera.

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“Be Fearlessly Authentic. The Privilege Of A Lifetime Is Being Who You Truly Are.”

Fashion is personal, so use your blog to celebrate your uniqueness! Be confident in showing off your unique signature style and let your authenticity shine through. Do not be a copycat! Remember that copycats are very obvious, especially to readers that frequent blogs. Save yourself the embarrassment and be original. Always. And you are so welcome 🙂

“Copycats are not fabulous, rather be a trendsetter than a knockoff” – Kumari Govender

Authenticity is so important when it comes to building a successful brand. Having a unique brand that reflects who you indeed are and sharing consistently engaging content is essential.

Just be yourself. Your passion will touch your readers, and the audience you resonate with will find you. A fashion blog is a mecca of creative expression – those of artists from all over the world and, to a lesser measure, the artist who blogs (nee you!). Please respect that and do it justice. Everything else will fall in place.

Are you enjoying our FASHION BLOGGING TIPS? See you at PART TWO of this blogging series.


image credit: © Floral Deco | Shutterstock Standard License 14 June 2020 by Kumari Govender

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