Blogging Tips – How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 2)

StyleSociety Fashion Trends and Beauty Blog

As an occasional blogger who has seen decent engagement and readership over the past few years, I am often asked: “HOW DO I START A SUCCESSFUL FASHION BLOG?”

If you are a regular here on StyleSociety, you would have possibly read my initial post on how you can set the foundation for a successful blog. This second instalment of my Blogging Series is going to focus on Style and Uniqueness.


Fashion is all about Style & Uniqueness!
I don’t profess to know everything about the reader’s psyche. However, I do know that my StyleSociety readers aka style mavens who follow this fashion blog love the stylish, glossy luxe element of this blog just as much as they enjoy reading it.

There are obvious tips and nuggets of wisdom on ‘how to sizzle in the season’s hottest looks?’ and ‘hold on to that perfect jawline’. But beyond the written content, all the elements of the blog must come together in a posh symphony that is addictive.

StyleSociety Fashion Trends and Beauty Blog
Style Society Fashion Trends and Beauty Blog

The colours of the theme must not be discordant or jarring. Respect the sensitivity of your audience because most fashionistas can spot a faux pas a mile away. Use pastels and neutrals with bold dashes of vibrancy to make everything pop. When in doubt, white, black and gold always work. It’s all about visual impact and rich content.

Images can make or break your blog. A fashion blog needs creativity and originality. It needs quality pictures that draw in your readers. Look at magazines and visit Pinterest for ideas on how to style your shoots. Make sure your readers are wowed when they visit your blog. Give them the enjoyable reads and the alluring visuals. Team up with a photographer if you can or invest in a good camera.

CHIQUE LE FRIQUE™ Instagram 19 February 2016
CHIQUE LE FRIQUE™ Instagram 19 February 2016

“Be fearlessly authentic. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you truly are.”

Fashion is Intimate so use your blog to celebrate your uniqueness! Be confident in showing off your unique style and let your authenticity shine through. Do not be a copycat! Remember that copycats are very obvious to readers that frequent blogs. Save yourself the embarrassment and be original.

Copycats are not fabulous, rather be a trendsetter than a knockoff

Authenticity is so important when it comes to building a successful brand. Having a unique blog that reflects who you truly are and consistently engaging content is essential. Just be yourself. Your passion will touch your readers and the audience you resonate with will find you!

A fashion blog is a mecca of creative expression – those of artists from all over the world and to a lesser measure the artist who blogs (nee you!). Respect that and do it justice. Everything else will fall in place.

See you next week with PART THREE of this blogging series