How To Start A Successful Fashion Blog

We share little nuggets of wisdom and blogging tips, to equip you with all the knowledge and skills to ‘Start A Successful Fashion Blog‘.

Here’s hoping that you have been enjoying our little nuggets of wisdom and tips via our fashion blogging series. We hope to equip you with the knowledge and skills to ‘Start A Successful Fashion Blog‘. One of the unique attributes of a successful Fashion Blogger is a passion for fashion, style, and all things creative. 

Fashion can be extravagant, over the top, and excessive, or fashion can be minimalistic. That depends on how fashion resonates with you and how you would like to show it off to the world. A fashion blogger should have a ‘stand out style’. If not, you can easily get lost in a saturated market. So you would need to highlight what you bring to the industry – your je ne sais quoi. And you should be open to sharing your style and creativity with the world.

Social media is a prime marketing channel for brands and a powerful tool for building brand awareness. Before you start creating brand awareness for other businesses that you intend to work with, you can perfect this skill while doing it for your blog. There has to be some strategy behind your social approach if you wish to get tangible returns. Today, we will cover some easy ways to reap the social rewards and be on your way to establishing a successful fashion blog.


Get Social

We have already covered how important it is to be consistent with your social URLs. You want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to find you on social. All your social profiles should include a direct link to your blog. Each platform should prominently feature your website URL for SEO juice and link-back power. The beauty of this setup creates positive feedback. The more popular your social profiles become, the more valuable are the inbound links that connect them to your website. So your social media efforts indirectly boost your site ranking as well.

How To Start A Fashion Blog In 2020
Instagram and Pinterest

According to study cases, both Instagram and Pinterest rank well for fashion industry influence. StyleSociety had benefited from both Twitter and Facebook, especially when we launched ten years back. But in recent times, both Instagram and Pinterest bring in the most traffic to our site.

So we highly recommend you start your social foray with more ‘visual’ platforms. Remember my reference to high-quality, captivating images for your blog content – both original and curated? Well, both Instagram and Pinterest will allow you to put those to good use. It is also essential that you set up business accounts on both platforms.

How To Start A Successful Fashion Blog in 2020

Make sure that you use appropriate hashtags that are ‘trending’. You can create unique hashtags for an event or your brand, which will help you track engagement and boost your brand.


When you pin your images to your Pinterest boards, have the blog/site URL displayed prominently. Or you could make use of the Pinterest RSS feed, which automatically reposts your blog images to a specific board that you’ve preselected. Pinterest is Google’s favourite regarding infographics and ‘image-based content, which ranks relatively high. So any Pinterest engagement will flow over and also impact your search engine results.


It is also crucial to keep in mind that next to Google, YouTube happens to be one of the most significant search engines in the world. And trends show that people are more interested in learning from videos than consuming text-based content. We might as well be moving towards a ‘video’ culture. Take baby steps.

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I think we’ve established that if you want to be a successful fashion blogger, you would need to be social. Being social includes visiting fashion blogs and engaging with fashion bloggers on social.

The fashion blogging circuit is friendly, and most I have found bloggers to be reciprocal. So post intelligent comments on the pieces penned by your blogger friends with large and thriving followings. By being interactive, you not only catch the interest and fancy of their readers who might saunter over and subscribe, but you also open up chances of getting invited to contribute guest blogs. You know that consistently producing great content is a challenge, and even the stalwarts are glad to receive a little help. Guest blogging is also great for SEO. You can offer to contribute high-quality guest posts to other sites within your niche. Sites that accept guest posts usually insert a bio of the author below the post, which can be linked back to your site and socials.


We’ve introduced giveaways almost immediately on StyleSociety, and it brought massive engagement. Fortunately, most brands were very eager to work with us. Giveaways have been crucial in growing our email lists, readership, and social. 

You can start with small giveaways. I suggest you use this opportunity to fine-tune your content pillars and ask your followers to vote for the various categories you wish to cover. The reward could be a gift voucher. Their feedback will help you define the content you should be focusing on to grow your blog further. As your popularity grows, you can get brands to collaborate with you by organising more significant interactions with more upscale prizes. The important thing is to incentivise engagement.

Organic social traction may be slow, but it is gold. Moreover, a fashion blogger’s greatest asset!

See you at  PART FOUR of this blogging series on HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL FASHION BLOG.


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