Blogging Tips – How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 3)

Blogging Tips - How To Start a Fashion Blog (Part 1)

Fashion is exuberant. It is, in fact, all about being social and sharing one’s creativity with the rest of the world. So it is no small wonder that most fashion bloggers invest much time and effort in creating a buzz on social platforms.

Be warned, though! It is not about random postings. There has to be some strategy behind your social approach if you wish to get tangible returns from it. And you can! I have seen bloggers amass huge followings touching the 100,000 mark through concerted social campaigns. Last week I covered Style & Uniqueness and in today’s post I talk about some easy ways in which you can reap the social rewards.


Get Social
Be consistent with your social URLs and your website link-back. Each platform should prominently feature your website URL for SEO juice and link-back power. The beauty of this set-up creates a positive feedback. The more popular your social profiles become, the more valuable are the inbound links that connect them to your website. So your social media efforts indirectly bolster your site ranking as well.

CHIQUE LE FRIQUE™ Instagram 26 January 2016
CHIQUE LE FRIQUE™ Instagram 26 January 2016

Instagram and Pinterest
It has been found that Instagram and Pinterest rank well for fashion industry influence. So you should start your social foray with the more ‘visual’ platforms. Remember me talking about high quality, captivating blog images – both original and curated? Well, put them to good use. Add appropriate hashtags with each image for maximum social reach. Research shows that when hashtags are incorporated in the middle of a status text, they leave a bigger impact. And appear less annoying.

Twitter Trends : 12 April 2013

Make sure that you use appropriate hashtags that are ‘trending’. You can create unique hashtags for an event or your brand. This would help you track engagement and boost your brand. This is a great place to find hashtags that are already making waves.

When you pin your images to your Pinterest boards, have the blog/site URL displayed prominently. Pinterest is Google’s favourite when it comes to infographics and ‘image based’ content. It ranks high. So any Pinterest engagement will flow over and also impact your search engine results.

Next to Google, YouTube happens to be the largest search engine in the world. And trends show that people are more interested in learning from videos than consuming text-based content. We might as well be moving towards a ‘video’ culture. Take baby steps.

Comment on other Blogs
Visit and comment on other fashion blogs. The fashion blogging circuit is friendly and mostly symbiotic. So post intelligent comments on the pieces penned by your blogger friends with large and thriving followings. By being interactive, you not only catch the interest and fancy of their readers who might saunter over and subscribe, but you also open up chances of getting invited to contribute guest blogs. You do know that consistently producing great content is a challenge and even the stalwarts are glad of a little help!

StyleSociety WINSocial Competitions
You can start off small with your competitions. Just ask your followers to come up with a cute hashtag for a particular image and the reward might be a shout-out or a gift voucher. As your popularity grows, you can get brands to collaborate with you by organising larger interactions with more upscale prizes. The important thing is to incentivize the engagement.

Organic social traction may be slow but it is gold. Moreover, a fashion bloggers greatest asset!

See you next month with PART FOUR of this blogging series

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