Elizabeth Arden I ❤ Eight Hour®

Elizabeth Arden I ❤️ Eight Hour® Limited Edition

Nostalgia Gets a Feminine Revamp: Grab the Elizabeth Arden I ❤️ Eight Hour® Limited Edition. 

The adage rings true. Why fix what is not broken?

When you have a cult status beauty buy in your kitty that has held whole generations of women in its thrall, you don’t try to change the scent. Or the coverage. Or the gazillion benefits. You just give it a feminine package make-over that makes the classic as pretty as it is effective.

If you still have fond memories of stealing a swipe of the original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant from your mother’s boudoir…. It is time to pay homage to the soother of a thousand cuts and the ultimate avenger of chapped lips. In its brand new hot pink avatar!

Elizabeth Arden I ❤️ Eight Hour® Limited Edition

Elizabeth Arden I <3 Eight Hour Special Edition
Elizabeth Arden I ♥ Eight Hour® Limited Edition

The original formulation was created by Elizabeth Arden herself and over the decades has bagged close to 130 awards and accolades. It truly doesn’t get any better than this staple of every self-respecting woman.

In case you have forgotten what the cream skin protectant can do, here is a quick refresher.
– Moisturizes and protects skin
– Calms irritation
– Treats wind burns
– Smoothens hair
– Shapes brows (wow…this one always leaves me amazed. How can one cream pull it all off? It’s like the pyramids – a mystery that won’t be solved)
– Soothes dry hands
– Highlights cheeks
– Softens cuticles and nails

Maybe it even beams down aliens and takes care of your credit score. Who knows? Anything is possible when you are talking about the beauty Baroness Elizabeth Arden and her handiwork!!

But the new special edition version of the product brings the same Petrolatum, Beta Hydroxy and Vitamin E concoction with its apricot hue in a jazzed up almost fluorescent branding that is modern, feminine and chic.

Grab it first for the sheer potency of the balm. You do need an “all in one” secret weapon to handle beauty emergencies.

**Horror… Imagine gloss on chapped lips!!**

Elizabeth Arden I ❤️ Eight Hour® Limited Edition
Elizabeth Arden I ❤️ Eight Hour® Limited Edition

And second, this particular item won’t be around for long. It’s a celebration by one of the biggest brands in the world, and the jewelled hearts are its way of saying thank you to all “Ardenians”.

Are you one? Then you should definitely participate in the event.

Elizabeth Arden I ♥ Eight Hour® Limited Edition
Retail Price – R295.00 for 50ml

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{Product Images Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden SA}