Giorgio Beverly Hills® | The Scent Of A Woman

Giorgio Beverly Hills® “just another reason to “explore” yourself and your fantasies”!

The perfume you wear defines you. It literally goes before you and creates the all-important first impression. Yes, I have been having deep conversations with the fragrance fanatic in me. And this time around I am focusing on uniqueness. We are all so different right.

Some of us love to go matte. Others swear by shine. Some of us never even tried the stiletto manicure (gasp) while others opt for bold talons – irrespective of the number of eyes they take out in the process.

This richness is what makes women so fascinating.

So right before Christmas let’s do a deep dive into Giorgio Beverly Hills®. This legendary fragrance has recently hit the stores in South Africa. It embodies the essence of feminine diversity. It pleases everyone –-from the femme fatale to the hostess with the mostess with it’s thrilling, no holds barred, old gold olfactory experience. I call the Giorgio Beverly Hills® “just another reason to “explore” yourself and your fantasies”!

Giorgio Beverly Hills® Eau de Toilette

 A legendary fragrance in perfume history, singular and powerful, Giorgio Beverly Hills® conjures up the most beautiful dolce vita images: a combination of seduction and limousines!

This fragrance needs no introduction.

The rather magical alchemy manages to create an elusive scent in this line. It’s the scent of high glamour, sophistication and success. And I can bet my last Rand that the yellow striped packaging has been an object of love (or lust) for years now.

Let’s talk about the flacon for a minute. Purposely shaped to resemble the feminine body at this curvaceous best. But legend has it that the classic and simple design was hugely inspired by a tiffany vase.

Giorgio Beverly Hills®

The Scent of a Woman - Giorgio Beverly Hills®

Classic, simple and slender with elegant curves, evoking a woman’ s figure. Based on the wishes of Fred Hayman, the Giorgio Beverly Hills® bottle was inspired by a Tiffany vase!

Did you know that the reputation of Rodeo Drive can be attributed mainly to the flagship, “experience” stores that the creator of Giorgio Beverly Hills® set up to cater to glitterati like Elizabeth Taylor?

It is this history of California decadence and a time when ostentatiousness was the norm that the bottle of Giorgio Beverly Hills® brings to your boudoir.

Each spritz envelopes you in a fruity bouquet of Jasmine and Tuberose. The exuberant top notes Orange Blossom and Bergamot nudge you into tingling wakefulness. The bold base notes of Ylang Ylang. The ultimate flower of seduction creates a perfect harmony with Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vanilla giving you the surge of confidence you need to look good, do great and smell even better as you take on your day!

The fragrance lingers for hours on end – some say even after the customary shower. It has to! Considering this, jewel did 100 million dollars of business within 4 years of launch.

Girls, go ahead and try this time tested classic. It’s different!

Giorgio Beverly Hills® Eau de Toilette
Retail Price – R395.00 for 30ml and R595.00 for 90ml

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