FILORGA Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution

We have all had those days right? When a look in the mirror seems soul-sapping! And everything from your trusted CTM routine to your luxurious spa sojourns seems pointless and utterly draining. I call it the ‘lethargy of the pampered’. And I have fallen victim to it multiple times over the past few years.

When micellar waters meet anti-ageing, magic happens

Now as sensible style mavens, we understand the importance of not ditching what works – even for a single day. And this is why micellar waters are such a rage right now. They comprise of tiny clusters of molecules that provide a thorough cleansing action by binding themselves to dirt, pollutants, sebum (and all those other unseemly skin secretions) and removing them from the skin, gently without stripping it of its moisture and maintaining the right pH level to boot.

And the best part is, you do not need to reach for a plethora of solutions to achieve the right effect. There is no need to daub your regular cleanser, wet the cotton balls and then begin the laborious process of make-up removal. You can use a bottle of micellar waters right from your bed and consign the tissue to the waste bin! And no one needs to know of your momentary lapse.

FILORGA Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution
FILORGA Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution


And since they are the market leaders where anti-ageing is concerned, I guessed that micellar waters were too good to be left alone.

And my wish has been granted by the coat clad lab gods and goddesses of this French giant! Darlings, here comes the Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution and let me tell you right off the bat that you will find it difficult to revert to thick and messy cleansers after experiencing the invigorating effect of this latest offering.


No Filorga product is complete without extensive research and experimentation. And the breakdown of the Micellar solution reaffirms the fact that Filorga understands the science behind the art of beauty.

The Micelles or molecule clusters form the basis of the physiological cleansing that is the mainstay of this elixir. I do not need to elaborate upon its virtues because I know that I will be preaching to the choir.

FILORGA Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution
FILORGA Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution

This useful extract plays some important roles:

  • It prevents skin inflammation and forgives those stray aggressive wipes that we are all guilty of, at some point of time.
  • It restricts the adherence of bacteria to the skin.
  • And it significantly improves deep skin rejuvenation by promoting fibroblast activity.

Helping desert plants cope with the shortage of water, trehalose sugars build up the skin’s natural moisture reservoir so that the deep cleaning of the micellar doesn’t lead to dryness and loss of luster.

Use the Filorga Micellar Anti-Ageing Solution as a potent supplement to your usual anti-ageing routine or take advantage of the no fuss cleaning that happens with a few light swipes. The recommendation is to use the water twice daily for the best possible results.

At R360 for 400ml, it is a no-brainer investment!

Filorga Micellar Anti-Ageing Solution
Retail Price – R360.00 for 400ml

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

{Product Images Courtesy of FILORGA South Africa}

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  1. Recently bought this one, had to check it out on my friends recommendation. When i first used it on my face i saw immediate anti-inflammatory results. I am prone to swollen eyes and a face too in the mornings specially when my sleep is not appropriate. Well this one worked for me i lightly swiped my face and the swelling was settled i couldn’t believe. Would continue using this and see what else it does to my skin.

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