BTS – Haute Edit Homeware Collection

Kumari Govender - Haute Edit

Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ images from my latest HAUTE EDIT homeware collection. If you follow StyleSocietySA on Instagram, you would have seen some of these pictures, but I thought I’d share some on the blog as well.

Our beautiful collection of Ceramics and Flatware is by local ceramicist designer Pamela Schroeder. A background in Fine Art, Drawing and Sculpture informs Pamela’s design ethos. Her passion for the rich and diverse urban, rural and wild Africa is deeply and elegantly embedded in her work. Her range of delicately textured items represent the natural heart of Africa. Pamela exhibits her range in Frankfurt, Milan, Atlanta New York and Delhi.

For the past year, I’ve collaborated closely with Pamela to create unique hand engraved designs and decorative marble prints exclusive to HAUTE EDIT. I am extremely proud of our master ceramicist and our latest collection. Here’s hoping you will love it too.


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{Images by Manashree}