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Winter has inspired me to carry out a major closet purge. Here’s a chance to Shop My Closet and buy some of my pre-loved looks for a steal.

Winter has inspired me to carry out a colossal wardrobe weed, and as a result, I’ve just completed another major purge of sorts. So here’s your chance to Shop My Closet and snap up some of my barely-worn and pre-loved clothing and accessories for a steal.

Everyone who knows me would agree that I’ve had a relentless decluttering obsession for years! Knowing that you chose every single item in your closet to serve a purpose can be a very liberating feeling. It is about being mindful and intentional as consumers. This practice also reaffirms my commitment to ‘buy less, choose well and make it last’.

I regularly evaluate my closet, giving careful attention to ‘what I buy’. However, there are items that I never get to often wear enough or, in some cases, not at all. I will select these items for the Shop My Closet sale on Facebook. I honestly feel that these pieces could be loved and enjoyed by someone else, extending every item’s life and story.

Shop My Closet

Many of these gorgeous pieces of clothing and accessories will be on sale when you Shop My Closet. You are in for a treat if you’ve been eyeing any outfits, as you might find your favourite items on sale at a steal! Would you please request to join my Shop My Closet Facebook Group? And be sure to keep checking the sale regularly as I will be adding new pieces weekly.

What can I expect to find on sale at Shop My Closet?

You will find clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories on sale. Some ‘Gently Worn’ pieces and a few ‘New with Tags’. I’ve had requests to include homeware, but I have not decided on this yet.

Which brands will be on sale At Shop My Closet?

You will find 100% Authentic Designer pieces by Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci and many of my favourite local South African Fashion Designers and some international brands.

All items are on a first-come basis. There are ‘no refunds’. Most importantly, please make sure you request additional pics. We need you to be comfortable before confirming your purchase with us.

100% of all proceeds will go towards my ‘Fashion For Literacy’ campaign.

Shop My Closet on Instagram

Not on Facebook? There’s no need to stress because I will be sharing some of my closet sale items on Instagram. Remember to keep an eye out on my Instagram stories for more details, or you can visit my #ClosetSale highlight on Instagram.

How To Shop Your Own Closet?

Are you planning a wardrobe detox? It is essential to do regular wardrobe edits and remove items that no longer serve your style goals. Always ensure that you have a closet full of clothes that make you feel confident and inspired. This purging process helps you identify any significant gaps in your current wardrobe, making shopping with intent so much easier. Your wardrobe should always work for you and reflect your style.

I’ve put together a FREE printable Cheat Sheet for a Well- Curate Wardrobe to make this process easier. I encourage you to Sign-Up Today and let’s work towards building your dream closet.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For A WELL Curated Wardrobe

How To Shop My Closet like a Fashion Editor | Free Download

Ever wondered how Fashion Editors and Style Mavens look so polished and chic? It all comes down to The Edit. StyleSociety’s Fashion Director, Kumari Govender, has put together a go-to cheat sheet for making sure you always have fabulous looks at the ready. Please print it out for every season and be the best dressed in no time!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For A Well Curated Wardrobe.



You will need to leave a comment on the item you’re interested in purchasing. Or send a message to the StyleSociety account with details of the things you would like to buy. We will respond by forwarding additional images to you and answering any questions you may have.

We will provide proof of authenticity for all Luxury Designer pieces, which you can confirm with the store.


We only accept EFT payments.
No Refunds and No Returns.
All sales are final


Delivery to all major cities in and around SA will take two working days. Delivery to all regional areas in SA will take between 2-4 working days. A delivery fee of R130 applies. We currently only courier to your door. Therefore, you will need to provide us with a physical address for your delivery.

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