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Sneakers have evolved from sporty to sleek, futuristic and fashion-forward over the past few seasons and it’s all thanks to our street style stars. These ubiquitous super comfy, ’90s-inspired platform Vans goes with pretty much everything. I’m so invested guys!

Stop chasing what your mind wants and you’ll get what your soul needs ♡

I find it very fulfilling to have a world that reflects who I am. When I come home, it really feels like home. I feel safe, nested and grounded, surrounded by the things that I‘ve chosen with love. It becomes not just a house but a sanctuary.

Sole Food | Sneaker Love
Sole Food | Sneaker Love

The same goes for my workplace, being here makes me feel confident and empowered. It’s a true reflection of me. This has nothing to do with scale or size. You can create a world that reflects you in one room.

Flex those creative muscles in every way you can and tell the world “this is me” and say it proudly! It’s all about taking pride in you. The women with real strength are the ones who never compromise their character, their taste, or their opinions and keep projecting the best image they can, in full-screen size and colour.

Style Note
Great style says “Here I am! Pay attention to me!” I value myself enough to put effort into this.

To your life goals and social magnificence!

27 thoughts on “Sole Food And Sneaker Love | Style Guide”

  1. Sneakers are the absolute best. My go to shoes with everything. A pair of vans are definitely one of the best out there. Simply can’t go wrong!

  2. Sneakers are amazing! I love the versatility and it’s nice to be able to wear socks for a change – protects the feet.

  3. your posts always make me smile! Thank you. I definitely agree that your space should reflect yourself and that your soul is soo important to keep happy and content. And sneakers are super comfy, how could you not love them.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t own a pair of Van’s but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my sneakers. I especially love rocking them with a semi-formal dress.

  5. oh my gosh, i love vans (anything platform as well when it comes to sneaker) So glad it has become a work place norm as well as a comfy, stylish way to present myself. You are rocking those vans!

  6. I absolutely adore my VANS!!! I was a scholar when they first became popular and now, 22 years later, I am still partial to them above any other brand!

  7. I couldn’t agree more about the fact that your house should be YOUR sanctuary and safe place. There’s honestly no place like home for me. When IM home I’m relaxed and I just unwind and it’s the best feeling ever

  8. I love VANS so much, I had a pair but I have them to my sister though because she really wanted a PAIR

  9. Sneakers have become more blended into Fashion as opposed to just sports. Cant live without mine!

  10. i absolutely agree. Enjoy reading your posts. Im on my feet the entier day due tO my job as a Facilitator and sneakers are my best friends. Havbt owned a pair of vans yet but now they seem to be on ny List seen as hiw funky you make them look. Thanks for Sharing your inspirations

  11. I Live in my Vans Sneakers. I have to walk most of the day during the week at university and they are definitely the most comfortable and fashionable sneakers I own. I absolutely love the brand vans and own about 6 different Pairs of their SNEAKERS. I loved this article highlighting how sneakers are fashionable at the moment.

  12. This post has really taught me about fashion balance. I love love love how you make a casual look so trendy and stylish. Thank you for this #inspired

  13. I live in my sneakers being on my feet 5 days a week with work, studies & family commitments. They’re so comfy & easy to SLIp on & I’m off to start my day. It’s only weekends I get to wear girly shoes ☺

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