Style Conversations with Couture Designer Patuna

Couture Designer, Patuna is unapologetically confident. And unabashedly vibrant! She has immortalised feminine beauty in Swarovski crystals, and her eponymous brand stands for extraordinary creativity and elegance. StyleSociety had the privilege of doing 5 Questions (Plus One!) with Georgian-American sartorial queen Patuna Bushyhead.

StyleSociety Courts The Inimitable Couture Designer Patuna

Read about her mother’s influence on her best work, her advice on nurturing the soul’s creative rhythm into a passionate melody and how to make the most of a cherished Patuna creation.

Autumn and Winter Collection ‘Moonlight In The Streets Of Paris.’

Style Conversations with Couture Designer Patuna

First let’s start off with something you must have heard a dozen times but is still impressive, ‘Where do dentistry and an undying passion for fashion meet?

I think every person has some intrinsic artistic note. If you listen to your artistic note, you can make it grow into a melody. I think I had a little seed inside me, which was growing every year before I became a designer. As a child through my teenage years, I was a stage actress and TV host who loved to paint and create. This was, of course, before I became a dental surgeon. So the transition back from dentistry to my creative side came naturally. So this seed grew into my melody of design and creativity over time which pulled me back to that side.

How did you come to discover that sartorial elegance for women is your calling in this life?

When I was a child stage actress, I always wore couture dresses in my performances. I had my own seamstress who based my looks on my mother’s designs. I think those beautiful and elegant dresses from my childhood were always sitting in my mind and soul. This is how I came to discover that sartorial elegance for women is my calling in this life.

Where does the inspiration for your Swarovski studded signature pieces come from?

My inspiration came from my mother in my childhood in kindergarten as my mother was always making me crystallised hat accessories to wear to kindergarten. She even crystallised my shoes.

Your ‘Autumn and Winter Collection’ is quite striking with the juxtaposition of feminine lines and structured and masculine shoulders. Can you please talk a little bit about that?

My inspiration for my ‘Autumn and Winter Collection’ was ‘Moonlight In The Streets Of Paris’. For me, the moonlight in the world-renowned romantic city of Paris shines differently and even brighter. So I decided to make the collection with the inspiration of the moon’s shadows, colours, and structures as I see them reflected in Paris streets. Thus the structures of the moon and light and shadows are reflected in the feminine lines and structured and masculine shoulders incorporating the strong, elegant artistic woman’s character.

How should our readers interested in your work use these creations to the best effect?

To use these Patuna creations to the best effect, the woman should feel the dress as the dress feels the woman in perfect harmony. She will naturally feel strong as a woman as the dress is made especially for her, and no one could have the same dress. This is Patuna’s signature that the couture dress is only for one woman. This is the feeling a woman must have when she wears a Patuna dress. I made the dress, especially for her…the soft and deep woman of strong character to use these creations to the best effect.

I love your ‘Spring-Summer Capsule Collection’. Which is your favourite piece from the wedding line?

Thank you so much. All these wedding dresses and every piece I make are like my babies. I am so sorry if I am not humble regarding this, but I love all of them. This is why I am showing them all to the world. When I create, I must feel the textile to create the dress. So each creation comes from the creativity I feel in my mind and soul.

Who to Patuna is a ‘perfectly beautiful woman’?

Beauty, for me, is abstract. The deeper a person is on the inside, the more beautiful on the outside. So the perfectly beautiful woman to me is every woman who shows her feminine side and has a strong, deep and sophisticated inner character.

What can Patuna peeps look forward to next year?

Oh, I have what I think you will find is a fascinating presentation for my show at Paris Fashion Week in January 2016 and also already for July 2016. I would like to thank the French Fashion Federation for trusting in me and of course to my number one team.

Spring-Summer Capsule Collection

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