Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil

I have always been intrigued by traditional alchemy, deeply rooted in ancient beauty rituals. It is that ‘old world charm’ of beauty wisdom that instantly drew me to ROSES AND DIAMONDS AGE ERASING FACIAL OIL by an internationally renowned alchemist, Ray Simons.

Roses and Diamonds Branding
Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil
Roses and Diamonds Branding

Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil 

by an international well-known alchemist, Ray Simons

Roses and Diamonds is the anti-ageing elixir of life, boasting a combination of ancient alchemy, gemstone therapy, aromatherapy, organically cultivated essential oils and superb craftsmanship.

This exotic facial oil was created using an ancient process – a harmonious blend of essential oils, marine elements and plant based oils,  all intensified by the energy of an actual 0.06-carat brilliant cut diamond, which is gently dropped into each bottle. Do I have your attention? Brilliant right?

As the brilliant cut diamond cascades into each bottle of organically cultivated oils, it “charges” the liquid, radiating energy, magnifying, rejuvenating and balancing the oils.

Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil
Roses and Diamonds Branding
Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil


My Ultimate Cult Beauty ‘Tried-and-True’ Holy Grail

The rich oil protects, nourishes and prevents dryness as its quickly absorbed into the skin. The essential oil of the Bulgarian Rose combined with other essential oils provides a wealth of vitamins that help slow down the ageing process.

I purchased a bottle in 2013, after what felt like an endless search for a smoother and younger-looking skin. I’ve been so impressed with the transformative powers of this tried-and-true cult beauty’ product that it has been given holy grail status in my vanity.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the contents of this gorgeous bottle is as amazing as the stunning packaging designed by the talented Erik Nap.

Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil by Ray Simons
Retail Price – $240.00 for 50ml (approx R3,723.00 excl. shipping and customs duty)

Ray Simons is now available at Skins Cosmetics

image credit: © Erik Nap

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4 thoughts on “Roses and Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil”

  1. Knowing that essential oil of the Bulgarian Rose stimulates collagen, has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. I quickly picked this one up.
    Earlier i used anti ageing face creams, glycolic treatments which only sensitized my skin, this formula calmed my skin that itchy feeling was gone to my relief. My friends also compliment noticeable glow on my skin.
    After cleansing i apply it as a serum, massage few drops on the skin when its damp.
    My under eye area was starting to crease and i was also getting slight baggy skin on my jaw line. All of these have now improved greatly. It gives skin that silky feel, and Didn’t block pores as its a problem with most facial oils.
    I also like the subtle smell, which i find very relaxing and it helps me fall asleep.
    I have completely eliminated anti ageing creams from my routine since this works so much better.
    Its great value too as you only need a tiny amount. Luxuriously light anti-ageing oil.

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