Support Fashion Revolution Day #InsideOut 24-04-14

Fashion Revolution Day commemorates the first anniversary of the illegally constructed eight-storey Rana Plaza factory tragedy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which left 1,133 men, women and children dead, over 2500 injured and at least 800 children orphaned. On the 24th of April each year, Fashion Revolution Day aims to raise global awareness of the true cost of fashion, saying enough is enough. 

Support Fashion Revolution Day & Wear Your Clothes #InsideOut
Support Fashion Revolution Day & Wear Your Clothes #InsideOut

“It took a tragedy on an epic scale to take the subject of ethical fashion from the specialist pages of the liberal press and make it headline news across the world.

Subsequent headlines detailed untold horrors: illegally run, poorly-built factories, desperately bad pay, foul mistreatment of (mainly female, often underage) workers and a system of mind-numbingly slow bureaucracy which would prevent compensation getting to the survivors.

By the year’s end Bangladesh was rife with violent protests and the outcry surrounding the politics of garment manufacture sent tremors around the world.” – Vogue.co.uk

The theme for Fashion Revolution Day is “Who Made Your Clothes?”. It is about transparency and connections – reconnecting the relationships of fashion which have been lost and the connection with the clothes that we wear. It is about becoming more curious about where and how our clothes were made.

The theme for Fashion Revolution Day is “Who Made Your Clothes?”
The theme for Fashion Revolution Day is “Who Made Your Clothes?”
Fashion Revolution Day says ‘enough is enough’
Fashion Revolution Day says ‘enough is enough’

You can show your support and join this worldwide campaign by wearing your clothes inside out on Fashion Revolution Day, 24 April 2014.

Get Involved – 24 April 2014

  • Wear an item of clothing #InsideOut on 24 April creating awareness that clothing tags hold the key to the story behind our clothes
  • Ask “Who made my clothes?” – Call, email and tweet the brand and ask the question. Share the brand’s response to social media and cc @fash_rev
  • Take a picture of yourself wearing your clothes #InsideOut and share on all social platforms using the hashtag #InsideOut and @(brand) and @fash_rev with the question, “Who made my clothes?”

For more information visit Fashion Revolution and check out the Fashion Revolution South Africa Facebook page

{Images Courtesy of © Keiron O’Connor for Fashion Revolution Day}

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