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Kumari Govender for Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Day 2015

In 2014 StyleSociety™ encouraged Cape Town’s fashion influencers to wear their designer labels inside out and delve deep into the supply chain and production considerations of their favourite brands. In 2015, we once again urged our readers to join the #InsideOut challenge. Read the full story on Fashion Revolution here Fashion Revolution South Africa 2015 We believe in a Fashion Industry […]

Support Fashion Revolution Day & Wear Your Clothes #InsideOut

Support Fashion Revolution Day #InsideOut 24-04-14

Fashion Revolution Day commemorates the first anniversary of the illegally constructed eight-storey Rana Plaza factory tragedy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which left 1,133 men, women and children dead, over 2500 injured and at least 800 children orphaned. On the 24th of April each year, Fashion Revolution Day aims to raise global awareness of the true cost of fashion, saying enough is enough.  […]