Fashion’s Favourite – The Bomber Jacket

Kumari Tsotetsi KL Bomber

It doesn’t matter which stalwart sparked your fancy! It might have been the slender yet impressive frame of Olivia Palermo rocking it with towering stilettos. Or it might have been the wiry and taut body of Mick Jagger poured into its loving embrace. One thing is for sure! If you are obsessed with bomber jackets – you are on to something. Because judging by their growing street style popularity and the homage paid by the Autumn/Winter runways, these humble and nostalgic war mementoes are here to rule.

The Origin of The Bomber Jacket
There are wonderfully evocative nuggets of history that make a cult item what it is. And the satin embroidered  Bomber Jacket being no different has it’s own story to tell. The Flight Jacket or Bomber Jacket as we know it today was originally created for military pilots.

When the Second World War ended, one American GI stationed in occupied Yokosuka, Japan decided to take his bomber jacket to Tailor Toyo in Japan to have his proud badge of valour, embroidered with the delicate and exotic symbols that represent the orient. Soon his fellow GIs did the same and hundreds of military and war heroes were sporting silk bomber jackets which were a masterful tribute to the war and this cult became know as the ‘souvenir jacket’, Yokosuka jumper later abbreviated to the Sukajyan.

These mementoes were handed down to the next generation – the flower children and the creatives who ruled the 60s and the 70s. And bomber jackets became symbols of individuality, non-conformance and personal freedom.

Keep Your Style Quotient from Bombing with the Season’s Latest Trend: Plush Bomber Jackets

The head turning oversized variant in true military olive or fully fitted sequins bomber in a vibrant hue will instantly set you apart from the crowd. Opt for the vintage silk variant Sukajans and you bring back the air of mystery and intrigue that shrouds the Far East. My favourite has to be this deconstructed style by Tsotetsi KL. No matter how you choose to embrace the bomber, you just can’t go wrong.

The Rebirth:
Bomber jackets have always been on the fashion radar. No 90’s hip-hop video is complete without it. This cult jacket has been making big waves over the past few years and it has captured the attention of fashionistas and celebrities who are swearing by its versatility and chicness.

Army Green Military Bomber MA-1 Classic
Image Courtesy of Alpha Industries

Alpha: The Original Bomber
The Alpha Industries MA-1 happens to be the original design and brand worn by the US Air force and that makes it a bona fide must-have classic. Capitalising on some fresh silhouettes and unusual colours the line gives buyers the choice of going supersized or embroidered because the magic obviously lies in the details. If you fancy the pieces worn by Kevin Hart and Kayne West, the Alpha is your pick. Effortless and seamless, in true iconic style.

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{Images by Xavier Saer}



  1. Filipa Jackson
    February 23, 2017 / 3:39 am

    That is such a gorgeous bomber jacket

    Filipa xxx

    • February 23, 2017 / 11:44 am

      Thank you Filipa. It’s one of my favorite pieces♥