Braving the Chill with Bold Style Statements

Winter is upon us! That chill is only going to get sharper, and style mavens may as well start pondering the contents of their closets to create ensembles that stand out. To ease the going, I compiled a list of Top 2016 Winter Trends for the quirky Khuluma magazine. These choices will keep you toasty without labelling you fusty.

StyleSociety Winter Trends Kumari

Military Trend Bombers
The definition of sartorial elegance is ever changing. But even in the world of fickle fashion, the military style has managed to stake its unwavering claim. Classic olive or sequined military bombers are ubiquitous. Everyone, from celebrities to the lady next door swear by its elegance, its unencumbered panache and most importantly its ability to keep the nip at bay. If you want to turn heads, a military bomber jacket is a must-have for your winter line-up.

Shin Grazing Minimalist belted coat Camel Zara
Shin Grazing Minimalist belted coat Camel Zara [Image courtesy of Zara]
Oversized Coats
It turns out that size ‘does’ matter. The Oversized Trend has made many appearances over the years, from the billowing chiffon dresses of the 1920s, the distinctive Hip Hop style of the ’90s to the bold accessories of the late 2000s. 2016 is the year of the oversized coat. Just snuggle into one and embrace the cold. It is form flattering (especially when paired with skinny leggings or boots) and convenient.

Tweed Longline Cardigan Trenery
Tweed Longline Cardigan Trenery [Image courtesy of Woolworths]
Maxi Longline Cardigans
Don’t wrinkle your nose at the word ‘cardigan’. This beauty has nothing in common with the shorter tasteless version that simply adds bulk to your form and takes away from your attempts at holding on to the coat tails of winter fashion. The Maxi longline is an expert lauded transitional piece. In my opinion, it works well throughout the autumn-winter-pre spring period. Team with knee length skirts or a pair of shorts when the mercury soars and opt for figure hugging jeans and accessorised stoles when the snow is thick. You won’t be disappointed.

Sneaker - Superga Classic 2750
Sneaker – Superga Classic 2750 [Image courtesy of Superga]
Sneaker Game
Seriously, this trend is a sub-culture with thousands of enthusiasts kneeling at the altars of Reebok, LeBron and Nike. If you think sneakers look good at a basketball game, think again. With colorways that emulate the rainbow and multiple models in low, mids and high, you can add a dash of brightness to the most boring winter outfit without compromising on comfort and a snug fit. Go sporty with track pants, maxi longlines and casual tops or project flirty by teaming them with A-line shorties. Ladies, the world, is your oyster.

Accents and Furs
Accents are a must. In every season! Who can resist the allure of the one piece of awesomeness that can elevate the style quotient of an entire look to the stratosphere? This winter sport faux fur stoles pageant style or sizzle in black velvet leather chokers for a throwback to the Moulin Rouge pizzazz.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to experiment. Fashion is a reflection of who you are and your perception of the world. While it is great to borrow inspiration from what the influencers dictate, it is even better to put your spin on trends for personalised style triumphs that make you memorable. So what’s your pick this season?

Disclaimer:This is not a sponsored post