Kumari Govender Ball gown skirt

Haute Obsession – That Skirt

Oh, Carrie Carrie! Why did thou take off after six seasons? As an avid fashion blogger and an ardent Chanel girl, the influence of Carrie Bradshaw on my work can’t be denied. I detect her cynical yet open for exploration classic lip twist in my selfies and her iconic style statements find resonance in my wardrobe!

In short I have been #carriefied!


Generally, I do not use the word sumptuous to wax eloquent about my sartorial triumphs. But once you take a look at this Tsotetsi KL beaut, you will get down on your knees and smack your lips too. It is decadent, it is glossy, it is the epitome of feminine chic, and it pays glorious tribute to the full ball gown skirt. Think Dior, Zac Posen and Oscar de la Renta. Set apart by its bold and tropical color palette, it is a once in a lifetime acquisition for a girl who likes to live to the fullest – nee me!!

The floor-skimming structure and the flounces of layers had me drooling ever since Carrie donned one and met Aiden in Abu Dhabi. Being the persistent woman I am, I patiently waited till I could find a similar marvelous creation for myself! I think I did? What do you think darls?


Yes, finally my latest creative endeavor has seen the light of day. And I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

As perennial StyleSociety™ mavens, most of you know about my obsession with ethical fashion and glamour with a cause! Haute Edit presents the opportunity to curate a repository of brands that match my core values so that I can connect you to responsible decor and sartorial providers who identify with environmental sustainability and give back to the society as a whole, sharing their privileges with ones not so lucky.

Haute Edit will feature a finely curated, ever-changing collection of unique handmade gifts, homewares, ceramics, fashion and jewellery pieces by celebrated artisans from all over the globe. The collection features mostly hand-made limited edition and one-off collectable pieces that are great conversation starters, appreciated by collectors, tastemakers and fashion aficionados all handpicked by myself.

Has Haute Edit has piqued your interest? I so want to hear from you! I would love to hear your thoughts. You are my toughest critics and my most enthusiastic evangelists **virtual duck-face kiss**

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

{Images by Xavier Saer}