WIN Designer Jewellery valued at R2500

Win Designer Jewellery. To celebrate the launch of our online store, we are giving away R2500 worth of designer jewellery by Valliyan.

Valliyan is an exquisite range of sculptural and one of a kind jewellery handcrafted in India. Jewellery Designer Nitya Arora works with a mixture of materials, including semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, giving her jewellery pieces life and texture. Her line is timeless and not trend specific.

Valliyan is an esoteric culture with a retro-futuristic discipline. Its philosophy – Modern Vintage. Valliyan jewels have a timeless quality that takes you back to bygone eras and yet makes them relevant to be worn today. Valliyan is an amalgamation of form, texture, colour, art and design. With its roots deep in the heritage and traditions of India, Valliyan is continually branching out towards different parts of the globe for inspiration. Valliyan designs transcend culture, age and time.

Valliyan by Nitya Arora


Win Designer Jewellery | Valliyan by Nitya Arora is Available At

Win Designer Jewellery

“Please note that the actual designs may differ from the images shown on this post; however, the value of the prize would be R2500. StyleSociety will not be held responsible for the selection, colour and style of prizes, and any discretions made by the Sponsor.”

Win Designer Jewellery Valued At R2 500

Here’s your chance to WIN an exquisite Designer Jewellery from Haute Edit valued at R2 500.


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Competition Closed 30 June
Winner Announced 7 July

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36 thoughts on “WIN Designer Jewellery valued at R2500”

    • Thank you for your patience Becca. There has been a death in my family so I have been away for the past few days.

      The winner is Tanusta Jainarain. I have another giveaway scheduled for July so you have another chance at wining this amazing prize.

  1. Hello there! I’m from Cape Town and I received a media email introducing the Haute Edit.

    I LOVE this jewellery – it’s really something different. Friends, family and even random strangers always compliment me on my outfits and jewellery – and I always tell them where it’s from. Sharing is caring! 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore this designer, and as a young designer myself I’d love to flaunt these incredible creations at events, including my wedding in 2016. Couture, and Art Nouveau influence is right up my alley! Beautiful creations!
    Love love love!

  3. Absolutely love these pieces! I’m a young designer myself, 25 from Durban, and I’d LOVE to flaunt these incredible creations at events, including my wedding in 2016. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I am Kaamilah Johnson and have been shopping and attending Style Society pop-up stores in Cape Town for the past few years.
    I deserve to continue looking/being HAUTE HOT wearing unique jewellery designs, turning heads and making others want to buy what I wear.

  5. I am Kaamilah Johnson and have been shopping and attending Style Society pop-up stores in Cape for the past few years.
    I derserve to continue looking/ being HAUTE HOT wearing unique jewellery designs, turning heads and making others want to buy what I wear.

  6. I am Lianti. I own a restaurant in Stellenbosch and I love dressing up. In this industry I don’t get to do it as much as I would like. But putting on pretty accessories sure do brighten up a dull day! I came across the Style Society a while back and have been following it on facebook ever since.

  7. Hi I’m Nooreen from the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, I heard about Style Society through Twitter 🙂 and I’ve been following for awhile now I at one stage wanted to apply to be an assistant with Style Society.

    I would love to win because who wouldn’t want to win stunning jewellery & its my Birthday on the 9 July hoping to win Fingerscrossed

    Shared on Twitter @Nooreen9

  8. Hi, I’m Kelsey. I’m a Senior Graphic Designer residing in Cape Town and I heard about you guys from the web. Would love to win, cause who wouldn’t love to own designer jewellery?! Shared on Facebook and Twitter #HAUTEEDIT

  9. Hi gorgeous Kumari 🙂 I came across your ‘Style Me Fabulous Workshop’ in 2011, we became friends on Facebook and I have since drooled over your images! I especially celebrated the launch HauteEdit with extreme joy and pride.
    Currently, I am STILL in the long process of finding my personal style and minimalizing my wardrobe to a timeless, classic collection of high quality pieces that not only flatter, but enhance my best features. These elegant crafts of absolute beauty by VALLIYAN is a vital addition to any woman’s collection and glamourises instantly. In today’s hustle and bustle, it’s a blessing for a woman to have multifunctional products that last and make you feel sexy and elegant at the same time! That is what VALLIYAN makes me feel and I would be highly honoured to win such a gem.

  10. Hi im charlene hicks i heard frm u on facebook i deserve 2 win this price because it would be perfect 4 my wedding in next year tht would be the best wedding gift ever fingers cross

  11. My name is Zandile Dlamini and I love fashion and jewellery. I first heard about Style Society from Facebook. I deserve to win because I love dressing up and looking fabulous, with that said, I know I’d do justice to that gorgeous jewellery

  12. Hallo, my name is Liesel Grobler and I heard about you on the internet. I would love to win this prize as all my jewellery, including my engagement and wedding ring, was stolen a couple of years ago 🙁

  13. Hi. I’m Andrea Aroomoogam. I reside in Johannesburg., I learnt about StyleSociety from a Google search and I was quite impressed with the site and products.
    Why should I win: I love various kinds of jewellery and it’s not always affordable to splash out so winning will be an awesome present to myself 🙂

  14. .Hi I’m Rehana, I must admit being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, but let’s be honest here — this job also comes with burnout, sleep deprivation and frequent moments of insanity. Our work never ends. we are all deserving of the awesome prize ,but yes of course I would also love to win, I am a mother, a wife a sister and aunt. As women we are everything. I am the only sole bread winner for my siblings ,not to sound cliché or anything but I work hard. I am constantly joggling between taking care of the kids, keeping a fulltime job and taking care of household chores. I don’t have time for myself I have to divided my time amongst my family and friends ,I always have to take care of the needs of my loved ones first. leaving me with not much income to spoil myself with things that I would love to own, and not that I’m complaining but would truly appreciate it if I was given the opportunity to spoil myself. I am a StyleSociety Subscribers, shared link via facebook

  15. Hey my name is seri I am from Durbz and I just want to say that this is an awesome giveaway and If I win I would be lucky as it is an expensive item and too be honest I can’t afford one as its pricey so to win this will be awesome

    I also want to take the time and say you are awesome for giving us opportunities for us to win these kind of items as not many people can afford to buy these things

    Just want to leave you with lots of love and hugs
    God bless and take care :))
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. Hi I’m Tohira West from the Mothercity. I have been following Style Society’s page on Facebook. I love the Valliyan jewellery. The unique designs are eye catching. Make me the lucky winner to complete my outfits with these stunning pieces.

  17. Hi I’m Kathryn Marnewick. I follow CapeTownfashion. Spotted this unique design and have a love for antique unique pieces. I am in the arts and love to be adorned with beautiful objects. I believe beautiful pieces should should be enjoyed being worn at least once a week! No special occasion nessesary

  18. Hi. I’m Ra-eesa. I have been a subscriber and follower of Style Society for the last few years. The jewellery is absolutely gorgeous and would go perfect with what I plan to wear to my brother’s wedding

  19. Wow when I saw this jewellery on fb I just had to enter …awesome I must have I love this collection it’s unique its beautiful. …I love my jewels. ..would love to give this as a gift to my only daughter….it stands out not like my other jewels in my collection…when I saw her expression. just blew me away…I dnt normally enter competitions but I’m taking a chance……

  20. I’m Samantha. I discovered Style society from the lady who launched it., Doing community work I give selflessly. I believe it’s my time to win.

  21. I’m Zuhaa, I found Style Society on an insta post & attended one of the events (as a birthday gift) and have been subscribed ever since! This jewellery would be perfect to compliment my outfit on Eid♥

  22. Hi Im Tanusta from Durban,I came across Style Society few yrs ago on facebook and I am a suscriber.During a bad patch I carelessly sold some of my precious jewelry.I would like to win this so I can have a beautiful collection once again.This prize would certainly give me a “Pretty Woman” moment and boost my confidence

  23. My name is Goksen Effendi, I found style society when was doing some research and I would To win because as a lover of fashion and all things sparkly this would be the best way to celebrate my birthday month

  24. Hallo my name is Arlene Van Heerden Am from Hermanus Cape Town.I came to hear from youre lovely desing jewellery by a facebook.I would love to win this price and show all my friends.Thank you God Bless.

  25. Hi @sharlsdeacon from Cape Town. Following on Twitter and love unique and stylish jewellery. Holding thumbs

  26. Hello I am @verushka143 from Durban.
    I first came across Style Society about 5 years ago.I deserve to win as I love beautiful statement jewellery.

  27. It’s different its unique and it’s for women with style and passion about the way she looks… I follow style society closely

  28. I’m Shelley and I follow Style Society on FB.

    I’m entering a new phase of life. I’m planning a photoshoot to celebrate the challenges/successes thereof. This jewellery will be the special-finishing touch.

  29. Becca Blair, a young Durban handbag designer, fell in love when I saw these exquisite earrings, whilst scrolling on Facebook. Would LOVE to wear them for my wedding next year! Absolute gems! They are 100% ME!

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