Oversized Camel Coat | Winter Trend

Winter is finally upon us, and it is time to invest in an Oversized Camel Coat. The runways are paying special attention to outerwear this season. A plush Winter Coat will help you add a dash of snuggle and chic to a dull winter wardrobe.

Camel is the New Black

Isn’t this hue absolutely delish? It is so rich and reminiscent of the bold palette that nature embraces during the mellow autumns! Camel can’t go wrong. It flatters every complexion and skin tone. And you are likely to see camel creations in the oversized, over-the-shoulder trench and A-line coats

There is a whole spectrum of silhouettes to choose from! Here I’ve paired my oversized camel coat with my Christian Louboutin spiked Pigalle pumps. It was, no doubt, a killer combination!

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The Oversized Camel Coat

I fell in love with the oversized trend two years ago. It happens to be one of my favourites this winter as well. Feeling too lazy to hit the gym? All that sumptuous warm winter meals adding a few pounds here and there? Don’t worry. You can still look fiercely stylish in oversized coats and an “I Couldn’t Care Less” attitude. 

Opt for bold eyes to accentuate the persona and pulled back buns to flaunt the tinted moisturiser glow! Both Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham are going head to head with this baby, and you have more than enough options to spoil yourself silly. Remember to have fun with your Winter Wardrobe – after all, Fashion is just another word.

Photos: Xavier Saer for © StyleSociety

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  1. I love an good oversized coat. Especially in this Luxe camel color. Your Loubies are to die for too!

    Rina Samantha

  2. Just love that huE. I recently acquired a duster robe type cardi in a more golden hue and been loving it sick.


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