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I have been obsessing over this ultra-flattering, off the shoulder Bardot Tops all Summer, and so I decided to commission this bespoke piece by one of my favourite South African Fashion Designers. I love the two-tone longer length top, especially when paired with this nude lace skirt, both custom pieces by Hugo Swanepoel.

Off The Shoulder Bardot Tops

Bardots are so versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. I especially love when paired with leggings, skirts or skinny jeans. It’s the perfect addition to any Summer wardrobe and can be worn with an over the shoulder coat for those ‘not so chilly’ Winter days.

Bardots, commonly known as off-the-shoulder tops, are famously named after Brigitte Bardot. Flattering, showing off shoulders and collarbones – it’s a wardrobe essential.

Which reminds me… Winter is coming and I’m not ready!

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